Easy Time Clock

Easy Time Clock

Are you searching for an easy time clock?
How about the best easy to use time clock?
Your solution is here!

Remember, you aren’t just searching for an easy time clock.
You are searching for a 100% accurate and reliable time clock.
An easy time clock that is also capable of working with your payroll provider or payroll software.
An all-in-one solution that combines speed, accuracy, a rich array of features and a cloud or web based reports system.

The MinuteHound fingerprint time clock system pairs the world’s most accurate biometric scanner with award winning software.
Unlike outdate time clock software systems that did not use a fingerprint scanner, with MinuteHound you can be certain that the person clocking in is who they claim to be.
Buddy punching is the illicit practice of stealing time by clocking coworkers in or out.
Of course, buddy punching is completely eliminated with the MinuteHound easy time clock.
According to the American Payroll Association. Practices such as buddy punching contribute to the minimum 5% payroll cost savings that is realized when switching to a biometric time clock.

So How Does Minutehound Easy Time Clock Work?
You start by visiting http://www.minutehound.com/ and purchasing the scanner.
The scanner will arrive by mail in 3 business days.
As soon as you have purchased you can immediately login to your MinuteHound web portal at http://www.minutehound.com/customer
You will notice there is an “employee” login and an “admin” login. The employee login is a preference you can set if you wish to allow your employees to view their own hours online.
Once you are logged in to the admin area you will be able to add your employees’ data.
The scanner will arrive in the mail. At this time you will open the relevant MinuteHound email, download the installer and install.
The scanner is then plugged in. It takes less than 2 minutes to enroll the fingerprints of each employee!
Remember, utilizing MinuteHound’s patented technology the fingerprint is never stored. Rather, the fingerprint image is converted to a string of numbers that is parceled to different servers across the globe. This ensures that the fingerprint image can never be reverse engineered.

All Set!
You are now ready to begin using your new MinuteHound easy time clock.
Click “run” and begin enjoying the rich functionality of our biometric easy time clock.
View reports online in real time from any internet enabled device!
Send customizable email and text message alerts when employees deviate from their schedule!
And much, much, more with the MinuteHound easy time clock.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is:

You'll be laughing with MinuteHound's ease of use

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