How The TimeClock Works With Time Clock Software

TimeClock and Time Clock Software

Computer and mouse.
Hammer and nail.
TimeClock and time clock software.
What do all three above have in common?
The answer: All three are examples of dependent relationships.
The computer gives the mouse its “life.” While at the same time the computer is basically inoperable without a mouse.
A nail is great for adhering things to a wall. But a hammer must be employed in order to achieve the nail’s functionality.
And so is the case with TimeClock and time clock software.
The TimeClock itself might be a great machine. But it is useless without its time clock software.

A Curious Relationship
Now that we’ve established that the TimeClock needs its time clock software. Let’s examine why…
TimeClock needs time clock software for two reasons.
First, the TimeClock needs a basic operating system in order to carry out its function as an identity verification device.
Second, the user needs time clock software in order to do anything with the data collected by the TimeClock.

A Bit of Definition, Differentiation And Explanation
Discussion of TimeClock and time clock software can become messy.
It is important to distinguish between two basic TimeClock methods.
Method 1: (outdated) All in one Clock with built in software and data storage.
Method 2: (modern) Cloud based TimeClock. No local data storage required.

Tying the knot
Outdated method 1 all in one TimeClocks were essentially dummies.
These old clocks had their own operating system. They were very limited in terms of employee hour calculation software.
Method 1 clocks came, for the most part, with simple time clock software that exported employee work data as Excel spreadsheets.

New method 2 clocks, such as MinuteHound, feature cloud based software.
MinuteHound’s patented system depends on the harmonious partnership of its scanner and software.
The scanner itself does not house any data. All data is stored remotely in the cloud.
This means that with new method 2 clocks such as MinuteHound there is zero risk of data loss!

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