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A B C of the Employee Attendance Software

Employee attendance software takes the manual labor out of doing your timekeeping each week. Older data entry systems require you to come in to the office to check payroll or make a phone call if an employee doesn’t come in on time. With MinuteHound’s employee attendance software you no longer need to worry about whether an employee arrives at work. Get instant notifications by text, email, or both when an employee clocks in late or early without having to leave your home. An employee attendance software solution also helps you stay on track by storing your data safely in the cloud.

How Employee Attendance Software Works

There are several types of employee attendance software programs on the market. Many require regular upgrades, or hardware that doesn’t easily travel or that must be placed in locations without radio interference. This makes most employee attendance software solutions a poor choice for a serious business. MinuteHound uses a simple and secure fingerprint reader. When an employee arrives at work, they press a finger against the pad and clock in. It’s a simple system that requires no training time, complicated manuals or expensive hardware. All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and the fingerprint reader provided by MinuteHound.

Improved Data Security

The MinuteHound employee attendance software and hardware package helps improve your company’s security. Employee data gets sent to an external, secure server that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Check time logs while away from the office and keep tabs on when your employees arrive or leave work. Time theft is an ever present concern for employers, but with a system that notifies you when an employee tries to cheat the clock, you can easily remedy the situation and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Employees will know they can’t cheat the system and if they forget to clock out, a manager can instantly follow up to see if they left work on time. Employee attendance software can save a company thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to time theft and wasted hours tracking payroll each year.
Employee Attendance Software Now Easier Than Ever

Simple and Efficient

The employee attendance software by MinuteHound has no inventory that you need to keep or replace. No more replacing ID cards and badges that can get lost or stolen. The system is plug and play and employers can set the system up for more than one company or divide a company into several departments. You can even create a new company to track employee access to secure locations. The system provided by MinuteHound makes your life easier, your employee data more secure, and gives you peace of mind to know when an employee gets to work on time.

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