WSA 2012 Time Clock software MinuteHound Booth 1416

The Time Clock software that saves you at least 5 percent on your payroll is at the 2012 ENK-WSA Shoe Show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!

MinuteHound™, the world’s best Biometric Time Clock is on display TODAY (February 6-7-8, 2012) at the ENK-WSA Shoe Show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!
Come see how you can save money on your payroll and feel comfortable knowing who is on the clock from anywhere in the world!
We are located at booth 14146 at the renowned Venetian/Sands Convention Center located on the Las Vegas Strip.
Come enter to win one of the 2 iPods we are raffling every day and clock in to be entered to win an Apple iPad2!

Remember that the MinuteHound time clock eliminates buddy punching.
The practice of one employee clocking another employee in or out.
Eliminates unapproved overtime. By allowing you to see who is on the clock in real time.
Reduced procrastination in the workplace. By reminding employees that time is valuable.

MinuteHound time clock also features a red flag alerts system.
This system can be set to notify whomever you designate.
By email or text message. When an employee deviates from their schedule.
For example, you could have MinuteHound send a text message to an employee when they are late returning from lunch.
You could at the same time have MinuteHound send the store manager an email.
Reminding the manager to reprimand the employee when they return.

The MinuteHound scanner is lightweight.
Is easy to use.
And only requires a USB connection to a computer up to 54 feet away.

See you at the show!

Vice President Ben Ari and Breanna at the 2012 Shoe Show

For More Information Please visit
Visit us online at

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