Employee Time Theft

Employee Time Theft is Hurting Your Business Examples Below

Employee time theft, is a huge issue in any organization.
Employees and employers are both negatively affected by Employee time theft.
The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates that
buddy punching a form of employee time theft.
Accounts for between two and five percent of total payroll.

Examples of Buddy Punching Employee Time Theft

Rick is always late to work, but his friend Tom is always on time.
After a few weeks on the job Rick realizes that Tom can clock him in.
Rick likes this for two reasons firstly he gets paid more secondly his boss will not know he was late.
This arrangement can go on unpunished and unnoticed for years.
What if Tom happens to also be a manager? The two of them could really do some damage.
Tom thinks he is doing Rick a favor and it is just a couple of minutes.
As business owners and high level managers we should know the costs.
It is dramatic i’ll say it again between 2 and 5 percent of total payroll!
These are facts! Reported by the American Payroll Association(apa).
See how much your business is loosing on the savings calculator page.

Stop Buddy Punching Employee Time Theft Now!

So what can your organization do to stop Buddy Punching Employee Time Theft?
Install the MinuteHound Biometric TimeClock.
If we refer back to Rick and Tom. If there business had been using a biometric TimeClock.
The employee time theft would not have been possible.
The Only way to truly stop buddy punching is with a biometric TimeClock.
With the MinuteHound TimeClock Rick would have needed to place his finger on the scanner to clock in.
This would stop Rick instantly.
If the system had been in place he would not even attempt employee time theft.

Why choose MinuteHound

The MinuteHound Biometric TimeClock is the most accurate in the world.
This is thanks to patented ex military technology.
No other Biometric System comes close to the MinuteHound Biometric TimeClock.

Employee Time Theft and Employees

Both Employees and Employers love the MinuteHound TimeClock.
Good Employees like the TimeClock for many reasons.
As an example it gives them the ability view there Time Sheet anywhere.
The TimeClock system allows them to view only there own report but not make any changes.
Additionally many employees feel bad reporting employee time theft by coworkers.
They do not want to be the ones blowing the whistle.
Employers love MinuteHound for Countless Reasons starting with the Savings.
Which again are between 2 and 5 percent of payroll for employee time theft alone.
For the top 30 reasons Employers choose the MinuteHound TimeClock visit the 30 reasons page.
For more information please visit our website.
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Employee Time Theft
Employee Time Theft All the Money That Gets Stolen

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