Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy?

What is Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy.

Does controversy surround your old TimeClock.
Are employees and managers complaining.
A MinuteHound fingerprint based attendance system.
Puts an end the Controversy.

What Creates Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy.

Answer: Legitimate privacy concerns.
When considering any fingerprint system.
Privacy concerns must be attended to.
Other fingerprint based attendance systems have problems.
They store a picture of each user’s fingerprint.
The storage of fingerprints creates legitimate concerns.
What if an employee is in the witness protection program.
Could their prints be used to reveal their true identity.
How about if an employee is paranoid. He could refuse to provide his prints.
Would you fire him for refusing to follow company policy.
With the MinuteHound TimeClock System these issues are a thing of the past.

Hand Finger Fingerprint Based Attendance System
Will he clock in?

Resolving Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy.

There are two ways to resolve fingerprint based attendance system controversy.
The first option is not use a fingerprint based attendance system.
This is a bad choice because it will lead to time theft.
According to the American Payroll Association.
Time theft accounts for an increased payroll cost of 5%-10%.
To calculate how much you could be saving.
Visit the savings calculator page.

The Solution to TimeClock Problems.

The second option is to install the MinuteHound Fingerprint Based Attendance System.
The MinuteHound TimeClock System is your best choice. It completely eliminates privacy concerns.
The patented system converts fingerprints into a string of numbers.
The string of numbers is encrypted. Broken into 4 pieces.
Then sent to servers across the world.
This process makes it impossible to reverse engineer.
Put an end to Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy with MinuteHound.
MinuteHound is the future of Fingerprint Based Attendance Systems.
For another great article about the future of Fingerprint Based Attendance Systems read Fingerprint Based Attendance System Future.

Is It Fast.

People often question, the speed of any system.
The MinuteHound Fingerprint Based Attendance System is the fastest in the industry.
End Your Fingerprint Based Attendance System Controversy!
Visit today!

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