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Fingerprint Time Clock that is Cloud ...

Fingerprint Time Clock that is Cloud Based and Cost Effective

Brilliant Fingerprint Time Clock With timekeeping a constant nuisance for many companies, MinuteHound has developed a new-age solution: the Fingerprint Time Clock. The Fingerprint Time Clock is a timekeeping system that uses employee’s fingerprint identification for clocking in and out. This timekeeping system is unique in that it offers real-time notifications on employees reaching overtime! […]

Small Business Tools for Success: The...

Small Business Tools for Success: The Fingerprint Time Clock

How A Fingerprint Time Clock Will Help your Small Business There are millions of startups and small businesses all over America. Regardless of which industry they reside or specialize in, 1 trait they all have in common is employees. More than likely, none of them are working for free! That is why time and attendance […]

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Stops Em...

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Stops Employees From Stealing?

Use Technology To Your Business Advantage A fingerprint time clock is your number 1 advantage as a business owner. From the very start, it will keep employees honest while at the same time making your life a breeze when having to pay them. The technology behind MinuteHound is so unique, no other company in the […]

Cost Effective Fingerprint Time Clock

Cost Effective Fingerprint Time Clock

Start Barking Up the Right Tree with MinuteHound! Using a fingerprint time clock is a must these days. As almost any business owner knows, tracking employee work attendance by time card is no easy feat. Hard to read? Incomplete? Incorrect? Human error remains a plague on payroll review for large and small businesses alike. Enter […]

What Can My Business Do With A Finger...

What Can My Business Do With A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Timekeeping Supervision – a Headache of the Past Biometric time clocks offered by MinuteHound can help your business more than you had ever thought possible. Time theft can cause huge headaches within payroll departments – not to mention the money that your company may be losing by using archaic time clock technology. Recent studies shows […]

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Really S...

Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Really Stop Time Theft?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Is Effective Against Time Fraud Time theft is an issue that affects nearly all companies, from small local businesses to huge corporations with over 10,000 employees. It is prudent that you do all that you can to minimize or eliminate the issue of time theft at your company, because time is […]

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technol...

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technology?

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Keeps Employees Honest and Accountable It is possible for an employee to be tempted to commit time clock fraud. Sometimes, the personal life might leak into professional life and an employee might ask, “Would it really matter if I have someone else clock me in if I’m running late?” It does matter […]

What Time Clock Solutions Are Availab...

What Time Clock Solutions Are Available?

Time is Money with MinuteHound Businesses know just how important time is. It is valuable and needs to be protected. The best way to make the most of each dollar is to invest in a MinuteHound time and attendance system. Companies show a large cost savings after switching to MinuteHound. The biometric time clock solutions […]

A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Save You...

A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Save You Money. Here Is How

Fingerprint Time Clock Will Automatically Save You Money One too often ignored way of saving a business money is through time and attendance. To many business owners surprise, 2-8% of payroll is lost to time theft. Meaning, you’re likely allowing thousands of dollars of time theft. Understanding the basics of time theft, why most time […]

Is A Fingerprint Time Clock From Star...

Is A Fingerprint Time Clock From Star Wars Or Does It Actually Work?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Has Long Lasting Technology Built In Technology is rapidly advancing, and on the whole, that’s a good thing. However, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between useful new tech and useless nonsense. The world of time and attendance is no exception. The recent trend in time and attendance is biometric technology. […]