Fingerprint Time Recorder

Fingerprint Time Recorder

Are you searching for a Fingerprint Time Recorder?
If so, you’ve come to the right place!

People searching for Fingerprint Time Recorder are often in the market for a biometric Fingerprint Time Clock such as MinuteHound.

A Fingerprint Time Recorder is an invaluable business tool that will save your business money!
How will a Fingerprint Time Recorder save my business money?
By reducing and eliminating common time theft issues such as:
Buddy punching.
Unapproved overtime.
Schedule exceptions.
Fraudulent punching.
Time clock manipulation.
And a host of issues caused by your business not being open on time each day.

Fingerprint Time Recorder Saves Money
Employees Pickpocket The Boss Every Day...

Stop Employee Pickpocketing!
Allowing time theft to occur is like letting employees pickpocket you every day.
The MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Recorder completely eliminates time theft.
By pairing the world’s most advanced biometric fingerprint scanner, with excellent time clock software, there is no way an employee can appear to be at work when he/she is not.
The MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Recorder enjoys a 99.99% scan success rate.
This means that every employee will be able to clock in and out on this system.

Real Time Data
Once the employee has clocked in. his/her attendance can be viewed in real time from anywhere in the world via the MinuteHound Web Portal.
The Web Portal is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
Enjoy a luxurious ski run. Check your iPhone at the bottom of the mountain to see who is at the office.

Robust Alerts System
Want to know when an employee clocks in late?
How about when they clock in early?
Or if they fail to return from lunch on time?
The MinuteHound Alerts System allows customized alerts to be sent via text message (SMS) or email.
You can set the system to simultaneously email the manager and text message the employee.
Thereby notifying both of them that the employee is running late.

Want To See What Else Minutehound Can Do?
Visit and watch the video on the homepage to get started.

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