Las Vegas Time Clock

Vegas has it’s own time clock?
Those lucky Las Vegas residents have everything.
Now they even get their own cloud based time clock software?
I’m moving to Las Vegas!

Apart from being the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas is also in many ways the technology capital of the world. Las Vegas Casinos are some of the largest employers in the world. In order to give gamblers the most bang for their buck, casinos use the latest and greatest gaming machines.
And in order to run lean business operations Vegas casinos use advanced time clock software such as MinuteHound.

Non-gaming Las Vegas businesses have followed the casinos’ cues and are adapting Las Vegas time clock technology. The result is that Las Vegas businesses of all sizes are enjoying powerful MinuteHound time clock software.

How is MinuteHound like Las Vegas?
Tens of millions of tourists visit Las Vegas each year.
Zillions of people clock in on the MinuteHound time clock each day!
Las Vegas residents save money by taking advantage of tourist deals.
Las Vegas business owners save money with the MinuteHound time clock.
Las Vegas stays on the cutting edge of gaming and hospitality technology.
MinuteHound stays at the cutting edge of time clock technology.

What is MinuteHound all about?
MinuteHound is a patented. Biometric. Fingerprint. Time clock software. Technology system. That saves businesses in Las Vegas and around the world lots of money. This is achieved by pairing the world’s best USB fingerprint scanner with top of the line cloud based time and attendance software.
Whether you are in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to view the attendance of your employees in real time. From any internet enabled device! You’ll be cutting payroll costs by eliminating buddy punching. Eliminating unapproved overtime. And eliminating other abuses. Additionally you’ll be reducing the frustration and labor of manual employee hour and wage calculations.

Employee Timeclock Las Vegas…
Employee Timeclock Anywhere!

Click here to visit MinuteHound time clock online today!

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  1. The Las Vegas TimeClock history seems very rich.
    Las Vegas is definitely technologically advanced.
    For example
    The city has much better 4g cellular coverage in comparison with most others.
    The what page give a great explanation of the MinuteHound Time Clock System.

  2. What a great addition to this amazing town…
    Looks like the cloud is the limit.
    The new iPad no longer looks as cool as it was yesterday.
    What is the next bargain we’ll find in Las Vegas?

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