The Best Cloud Time Clock For Small Business

The Best Cloud Time Clock For Small Business

Small business owners often hesitate to contact MinuteHound time clock.
They think that because of our professionalism. And robust system cloud based system. That our time clock software is too high-end or expensive for small business use.
Well let’s get something straight. MinuteHound loves small business!
In fact small businesses make up a distinct portion of MinuteHound time clock’s clientele!

Features that small businesses love

Alerts system
The old adage “don’t mix business with pleasure” is technically correct. But very difficult to adhere to. Small business owners typically work in close quarters with their staff. With this closeness comes a sort of friendship. It is very difficult to discipline friends.
To help remedy this concern small business owners put MinuteHound’s alerts system to work. Set up MinuteHound time clock software to text message or email you, the employee, or anyone you designate whenever an employee deviates from their work schedule. So the next time an employee is running late for work, MinuteHound can send them a text message disciplinary warning without you having to do it personally. Maintain healthy owner-employee relationships with MinuteHound!

Blame your accountant
Employees often ask their boss to “correct” their time card when they’ve missed work.
What they are really saying is, “will you please reduce the business’s profits by paying me for time I didn’t work?”
Put an end to this by blaming your accountant.
Buy and install the MinuteHound cloud based time clock for small business.
Tell your employees that your accountant receives their work hours straight from the MinuteHound time clock software. That way employees will know that they are not going to be paid for unapproved schedule deviations. Of course you can always edit employee work hours if you so wish. And MinuteHound time clock software even provides an audit trail so that you can see which manager edited the employee’s work hours.

MinuteHound is a truly 100% cloud based time clock.
This means that all data is stored in highly secure remote servers.
All transmissions are encrypted and sent via the web.
MinuteHound maintains these records for many years.
So no matter what happens, you can rest assured that your data is safely stored with MinuteHound.
Need to access employee work data weeks, months, or even years later? No problem!

So why does small business love MinuteHound?
Because we allow you to stop wasting time and start saving time!

Get started today!
Visit the MinuteHound website to buy now.

Watch this video. See how easy it is to install MinuteHound.

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