On Time Clock

On Time Clock

A large swath of the population are employed as hourly workers.
That means these workers are on time clock.
They clock in and out in order to earn a living.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
89% of teenagers are paid hourly.
And 80% of all part time workers are paid hourly.

This means that as an employer, you likely have hourly employees.
How you track their time matters.
It matters because a good on time clock can save you money.
The MinuteHound on time clock saves you money by eliminating time theft.

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This Business Owner is Saving Money WIth MinuteHound On Time Clock!

Your On Time Clock

What’s the difference between on time clock and an on-time clock?
On time clock refers to an employee being clocked in.
On-time clock means that your time clock is on-time.
The MinuteHound on time clock is always on time because it takes the time stamp from the internet.
There is absolutely no way that employees can manipulate the time on their reports.

Multi Branch Retail On Time Clock

Retail chains and franchises benefit greatly from MinuteHound.
MinuteHound eliminates buddy punching.
Which is a form of theft where one employee clocks others in or out.
Retail chains suffer greatly from buddy punching.
A problem that is solved with MinuteHound.

Retail chains also benefit from the MinuteHound customizable alerts system.
The alerts system allows email or text message alerts to be automatically sent.
These alerts notify the manager the employee schedule deviations.
This feature suits multi branch retail exceptionally well, because they employ numerous employees in many locations.

Restaurant On Time Clock

Restaurants make up a considerable percentage of MinuteHound clientele.
Restaurateurs love the fact that MinuteHound has the highest scan rate in the industry.
The fingerprint scanner successfully scans 100% of the workforce.
Owners no longer have to worry about fingerprints being damages by kitchen accidents.
Restaurant employees also tend to have oily hands.
This does not affect the MinuteHound system.
And therefore provides another incentive to restaurant owners and managers.

Doctor’s Office On Time Clock

Countless doctor’s offices utilize MinuteHound.
The strict reporting requirements of medical insurance companies mandate that doctors keep accurate records.
All MinuteHound records are stored in the cloud.
Which means the records are safe and secure.

Visit the MinuteHound Testimonials Page to see reviews by real business owners: http://www.minutehound.com/testimonials

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