Clocking in and out

Clocking in and out

Punching in sometimes makes employees want to punch the clock.
Clocking in. punching out. knocking off. rolling in.
These are just some of the terms associated with time clocks.

Time Clock Punchers Clocking in and out

Why do employees hate clocking in and out?
It’s often because a strong biometric time clock such as MinuteHound prevents employee time theft.
Employees aren’t necessarily bad. Or out to steal the company’s money.
More often, employees steal time in order to avoid being penalized for clocking in and out at the wrong time.

Clocking in and out man clock head
Some people only think about clocking in and out...

Business Advantages of Clocking in and out With MinuteHound

MinuteHound features an excellent reports system.
Reports can be accessed from any device with internet access.
For a great overview of the reporting capabilities visit.
and watch the “reports” video.
Automatic interfacing with payroll systems is another strength of MinuteHound.

Companies with older biometric time clocks switch to MinuteHound for a number of reasons, for example.
• Cloud based SAAS system provides companies with a modern solution.
Most large companies are now gradually eliminating their IT department, and moving to the cloud.

• It features a customizable email and text message alerts system.

• MinuteHound successfully scans 99.99% of the working population.

• The price of the MinuteHound system is always outweighed by the dramatic savings in payroll cost.

How does Clocking in and out Save Money on Payroll

The answer is simple.
According to the American Payroll association.
Businesses that switch to a biometric system, such as MinuteHound, save 5%-10% on their payroll cost.
It’s not only the elimination of time theft that saves money.
Savings also result from the elimination of labor associated with manually entering time card data.
MinuteHound does all the calculations automatically!

You have nothing to lose!
MinuteHound is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.
No contract. No long term commitment. No hidden fees.
Just great service.
And the best time clock in the industry.
You can buy the scanner today with full confidence.
Know that even six months from now.
You can return the scanner for a full refund of the scanner price.
And what of the price?
The pricing is very simple.
$5 per month per location.
$1 per month per employee.
Employee price goes in packages which can be viewed here

Reviewed by Real Business Owners

Visit the MinuteHound testimonials page.
There, you’ll find signed reviews from a wide range of business owners.
Businesses of all sizes love MinuteHound. And you will too!
Visit MinuteHound online at:

Save money. Earn trust. Increase confidence. Gain peace of mind. Eliminate time theft. Grow. Prosper. Outshine. And outperform the competition. With MinuteHound. The world’s best time clock.

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