Sue Simmons makes her last punch on the TimeClock!

Sue Simmons retires from NBC

What should Sue take with her?

It was announced by NBC in New York City that Sue Simmons, their long-time local anchor, will be retiring in June.
Sue has been delivering the news for over 32 years with her male counter-part, Chuck Scarborough.
It is said there are no hard feelings and Simmons, ever gracious on and off camera, is already making plans.
NBC is sad to see Sue leave, however they are giving her a gift that has been with NBC even longer than Sue: The old time clock that Sue uses!

Are you as impressive as Sue Simmons?

Beautiful at 68, Ms. Simmons has been a welcome and reliable staple in many homes and workplaces.
Not as much is the old time clock, for over 100 years TimeClocks have not been updated and have the same problems today as they did when Sue started her career.
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The future is right here, right now!

Legends come and legends go, and Ms. Simmons is undeniably an icon of her medium. She has set a standard few can match.
The TimeClock is a legend that has long deserved retirement.
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Do you hear that knock? It’s called OPPORTUNITY!

“Ms. Simmons has never had an unspoken thought, and I mean that in the nicest way; she is the least inhibited broadcast journalist I’ve ever known.”– Chuck Scarborough, Ms. Simmons long time on air partner
MinuteHound wishes nothing but the best for Sue Simmons.
She has served her audience well with charm, intelligence, and style.
Would anyone be surprised if on her next assignment Sue utilizes the MinuteHound system?
Her research would serve her well again, and Sue would once more be setting the pace with a decision you could also be making!

Do not accept any immitations!

Sue Simmons never skipped a beat when she was with NBC. She was reliable, a name her viewers could trust, and stood the test of time for over 30 years.
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Start saving today! Also good luck Sue Simmons and we all hope you have a very happy retirement!

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  2. Best of luck Sue. Thanks MinuteHound for posting this and giving us an inside look. Appreciate it.

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