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Will There Ever Be An End to Time The...

Will There Ever Be An End to Time Theft and Payroll Fraud?

Technology Cures All Wounds. Well Most of Them! Is payroll fraud and buddy punching driving you crazy? It does to most business owners. Employees steal time at work. That’s a fact. It is problem that plagues just about every business in America. Payroll fraud can be a major factor in what could be decreasing your […]

Time and Attendance for 2019

Time and Attendance for 2019

MinuteHound: Making Time and Attendance Tracking More Accurate Tracking employee’s hours can be a pain, but it’s even more troublesome when employees aren’t playing by the rules or they’re labor is in multiple departments. Accurately tracking time and attendance at stores, restaurants, and other places of business that commonly have hourly employees is important. Without […]

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technol...

What Is Biometric Fingerprint Technology?

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Keeps Employees Honest and Accountable It is possible for an employee to be tempted to commit time clock fraud. Sometimes, the personal life might leak into professional life and an employee might ask, “Would it really matter if I have someone else clock me in if I’m running late?” It does matter […]

Time Theft is Fraud. Stop it Today!

Time Theft is Fraud. Stop it Today!

Stopping Time Theft is Stopping Fraud Time theft can occur in any workplace using old, outdated systems. Using a buddy system, employees can steal time from a company. Time clocks can be manipulated and time errors can occur, making it difficult to keep records. Some employees can also receive unwarranted overtime. But, there is a […]

Fingerprint Time Clock for Tracking S...

Fingerprint Time Clock for Tracking Staff Time and Attendance

How do You Currently Record Time and Attendance? Every day businesses much like yours invest a lot of time and money on their payroll expenses. Most associates expect fair pay for an honest days work. Unfortunately, dishonest associates find ways around the payroll system. They find ways to abuse your time clock. You can eliminate […]

Why A Biometric Time Clock is MUST H...

Why A Biometric Time Clock is  MUST HAVE for All Staffing Agencies

Each and Every Staffing Agency Needs a Modern Day Time Clock New technology is great, but only if you can harness the technology to your advantage. What good is having and paying for something that you do not know how to use and pay too much money for. That is why MinuteHound made modern day […]

Time To Fire Your Employee Time Clock...

Time To Fire Your Employee Time Clock!

An Efficient Employee Time Clock Is your current payroll system working for you or are you working for it? The employee time clock was invented back in 1888, by Willard Bundy, a jeweler in Auburn, New York. The employee time clock has been in use for over a hundred years. Today, there’s a better way: […]

Is Time and Attendance Tracking Affor...

Is Time and Attendance Tracking Affordable for Small Business Owners?

Time and Attendance Is Not An Option Buddy punching costs employers, but many companies are reluctant to upgrade their systems due to financial constraints. There are some options available to small businesses that are quite affordable. Before considering an upgrade for your time and attendance system, let’s develop a better understanding of just how costly […]

Biometric Time Recording and Time Sta...

Biometric Time Recording and Time Stamps for Employees

Stop Time Theft By Using Biometric Time Recording Time theft is one of the easiest forms of employee thefts to commit. It often goes unnoticed and is difficult to track. By getting a handle on these common issues, your business stands to save thousands in a calendar year. Focusing on this issue alone can be […]

Time is Money and Money is Time and A...

Time is Money and Money is Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Means Focus Elsewhere Managing time and attendance for payroll eats away at employee productivity. The employee dedicated to managing time and attendance may spend numerous hours entering payroll data for a handful of employees. Additional hours may be spent on managing any payroll errors that may occur as a result of a […]