Time Clock and Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention: Steps Your Business Can Take

What does loss prevention have to do with the MinuteHound Time Clock

If you are a retailer. It goes almost without saying that you lose a considerable deal of business due to shoplifting and employee time clock theft. However, retail is not the only industry that can benefit from putting loss prevention measures in place. If you are the manager or owner of a company and would like to eliminate theft and increase efficiency in your workplace. Consider taking the following loss prevention steps:
1. Conduct thorough screening and background checks.
Even if you are in a bind and need employees immediately. Do not hire anyone without performing a thorough background check. Have your prospective employees sign a disclosure form consenting to a background check, and then find out as much about that individual’s criminal history as you can. It is also a good idea to confirm academic and employment credentials.
2. Generate loss prevention time clock theft awareness.
Some employees partake in theft at the workplace. They may be more apt to think twice about carrying out any behavior that could reduce your company’s process if you hold a company meeting or post news about loss prevention and theft in the workplace.
3. Involve your employees.
Plan a mandatory program that focuses on the problem of theft and loss prevention in the workplace. Good employees like to be involved. If your employees know how to detect customer and employee theft, even the fraudsters that are working under you may get their act together. At the end of this training program, work with your employees to develop written policies and procedures regarding theft.
4. Adopt a biometric time clock system.
Time clock theft is one of the most major concerns affecting businesses today. Invest in Internet-based biometric time clock software. The you will be simultaneously saving your company money while promoting honesty and efficiency in the workplace.
If you want to stop your employees from taking long lunches and clocking their co-workers in before they arrive to work and out before they leave, contact MinuteHound™ today. Our biometric time clock system requires fingerprint verification, making it the perfect time and attendance solution for your workplace.
Visit The MinuteHound Time Clock Website or call (800) 351-7237 to find out more.

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