Time Clock in the Cloud?

5 Benefits of a Cloud Service: How Your Company Can Begin Utilizing Time Clock Cloud Services

In the Cloud Computing Journal article written by David Deans, he discusses some of the most essential benefits of adopting a cloud service. Unlike most cloud based systems the savings begin immediately with the MinuteHound Time Clock.

Although savings begin immediately with the MinuteHound Time Clock.
These other benefits are also valuable.

Instead of focusing on the overall cost saving benefits, he offers 5 different benefits of using cloud computing systems in his order of importance. Some of those benefits include:
1. Improving time-to-application deployment—these platforms give you the choice of developing and deploying new applications on existing infrastructure as quickly as desired.
2. Aligning IT budgets with application demand—users can pay just for the resources that they use.
3. Accommodating peaks in demand for data center capacity—this will help house any sporadic spikes in demand for computing, storage, and network resources.
4. Delivering applications without raising the budget
Cloud computing gives you the ability to deliver new applications without having to buy systems, avoiding an investment of your firm’s capital in new equipment. Application development and delivery can all be handled using pay-as-you-go operating expenses.
5. Sharing without putting the data center at risk
Many of the early adopters of cloud computing are looking for an inexpensive and easily accessible way to share information. Medical researchers are an example. Cloud services enable these organizations to host data on public clouds, rather than making their internal data center available to external parties.
For Deans’ full article, please visit the Cloud Computing Journal website.
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