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Would you like to learn more about the Time Clock topics covered in our recent blog posts? If you are looking to learn more about biometric technology or effective ways to keep your business organized, then these links may be of interest to you!
• To see why one co-owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York thinks biometric time clock technology is a very useful tool to have in the work place, read this article in the New York Times.
• Did you know that the National Security Agency uses biometric technology to control access to physical assets and logical information? Read this report at NSA.gov to find out why!
• Read about the importance of punctuality and time clocks at leaderinthemaking.blogspot.com.
• Seeking to understand the importance of punctuality in the workplace? Associatedcontent.com has a great article on the importance of punctuality.
• Are you looking to be a “winner” at work? Read the Black Collegian’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective Employees.
• Find out if your current work behavior likely makes you a good employee in the eyes of your employee by reading this article from squidoo.com.
• Microsoft.com has a great introduction to the HUG principle of building an effective time management system.
• For statistical evidence that the average workers spends well over a quarter of his work day wasting time (from a company’s perspective), read this San Francisco Chronicle Article.
• Trying to become a better candidate for a job you really want? Read this article at quintseekers.com to find out what skills and values employers are really looking for in job-seekers.
• For some executives’ secrets on prioritizing and managing those priorities, check out this article from the Globe and Mail.
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