Time Clock Not Alone in Cloud

The MinuteHound Time Clock is not the only service in the cloud.
More and more business are moving to the cloud.

Dell Plans to Expend $1 Billion This Year to Support Cloud Services
The MinuteHound Time clock system is also cloud based.
This allows us to be offer many more features to than our competitors in the time clock industry.
A couple examples of this are real-time employee status from anywhere in the world and email/text
alerts to early/late employees. Visit the homepage for more information on the MinuteHound Time Clock.

Cloud services are growing rapidly in their relevant markets and according to an article written by Patrick Thibodeau “the big enterprise IT vendors are moving swiftly to develop cloud offerings that cater to those markets.”
The MinuteHound Time Clock is a perfect example of this.

The article explains that Dell intends to spend $1 billion to build approximately 10 new data centers which will help support the cloud services for enterprises. With new data centers and cloud services, new products will be developed that will allow customers to “build in-house private clouds.”
IBM vice president of cloud services states that “The cloud now gives them [customers] choices they didn’t have before.”
The MinuteHound Time Clock is a great example of this outside of the Dell ecosystem.

To read this full article by Patrick Thibodeau, please visit the ComputerWorldwebsite.
If you would like information about a ground-breaking cloud service, Biometric Time and Attendance System for your local business and many of the benefits that it offers, please visit the MinuteHound website today!

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