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Time Clock Reviews

Time Clock Reviews is one of the most common searches in the field of time clocks.
MinuteHound presents a series of authoritative time clock reviews by prominent business owners and professionals.

The feature of this article is the time clock review of Dr. Leo Capobianco.
Dr. Capobianco is Nevada’s #1 cosmetic laser doctor.
His skilled team utilizes cutting edge equipment.
They provide patients with the highest quality results, care and service.
In addition, Dr. Capobianco teaches doctors from around the world how to perform cosmetic procedures.
Dr. Capobianco’s Allure Cosmetic Laser Center is located in Las Vegas’ upscale Boca Park area.
Allure Cosmetic Laser Center offers patients quick, effective treatments in a relaxing environment.

To help manage his team Dr. Capobianco implemented MinuteHound

Time Clock Review Written by A MinuteHound Client

Review by Dr. Leo Capobianco:
MinuteHound has dramatically simplified the way we process payroll.
As Las Vegas’ premier cosmetic medical center we employ many support staff. We became intrigued with the apparent simplicity of fingerprint time clocks years ago.
But were let down by the poor quality fingerprint scanner our payroll company provided.
We were fortunate to discover MinuteHound last year. And have already seen a measurable savings in our payroll cost.
Aside from the 7% payroll savings realized. We have also reduced the workload of our office manager.
By using MinuteHound’s alerts system to automatically notify our employees and office manager when they are late or otherwise deviate from their schedule. We have freed the office manager from this constant distraction.
When it comes time to process payroll we simply click a button in the MinuteHound web portal. And transfer the data directly to our payroll processor.
I readily recommend MinuteHound to any business owner.

Dr. Leo Capobianco, D.O., FAAEM.
Medical Director/Owner
Allure Cosmetic Laser Center

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Time Clock Reviews Dr Capobianco MinuteHound Testimonial
Dr. Leo Capobianco's MinuteHound Testimonial

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