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Business Owners and Managers: Is your Workplace suffering from lack of production? Is your Workplace at play while your away? Does your Workplace need more structure and balance? Remember the old days when a horn would blow to signal the start and end of your day? Or a loud whistle to let you know your lunch break is over? Believe it or not, those old forms of time keeping actually worked. Why or how you ask? Well sit back and grab a cup of coffee, Let’s Talk Shop!

Workplace Time Clock
Did you know that the greater the employee’s seniority, the greater the chance they will steal time from their employer? So let’s backtrack and cover the basics. How does an employee actually “steal time” from their employer? This comes in many different variations actually. The most obvious would be clocking in late, leaving early, and of course you give your employee 30 minutes for lunch and 45 minutes later they return to work. Have you thought of how many of your employees make personal phone calls, or handle personal business while on the clock?

How about those employees who slow down during the day, just to deliberately cause overtime? Taking 15 minutes to talk to their buddy at the water cooler? These are all examples of Time Theft, and bottom line is it costs you money. How much is the question?

Let’s talk Numbers and Common Sense

“The biggest thrill wasn’t in winning on Sunday, but in meeting the payroll on Monday”Art Rooney, Founding Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Even NFL Owners have to worry about payroll! Just feel safe in the fact that every size business has a payroll to meet. Regardless of your business model, the fundamentals always apply. If you hire employees, chances are they don’t work for free. Even if they do, it is probably better to track their time and attendace for accurate record keeping.

Your employees make you profit, the way you manage your employees and Workplace all help you run a succesful business. The small steps you take today will save you money tomorrow, that is a fact. It is also true that it takes money to make money, however in most cases it simply takes a change of habit to spark productivity. Did you know that the average employee “steals” approximately 54 minutes per day, which equals to be about 4.5 hours per week!!

Let’s talk some more numbers and give you perspective: Your paying for your employees to take off nearly six full workweeks per year! You could be losing more than 10% of your payroll by simply not having a procedure in place to enforce time and attendance. These numbers are not made up, they are real. Employees are not perfect, they are human. The extra 10 minutes at lunch to them is nothing, however to you it is money flying out the window. I am hoping by now your common sense is screaming, SHUT THE WINDOW!

Ok we now know the sickness. What is the Cure!

The cure is MinuteHound Time Clock Software for we offer the solution, not a band-aid. Your workplace is our business model. Our Workplace is your business! MinuteHound will not install a big bulky time clock on your wall. We won’t have you buy tons of equipment for your workplace to collect dust. We won’t even assign your employess those “unique” ID’s and passwords.

Your employees only need a finger! That’s right, it is that easy! Isn’t technology great! And last time we checked, your employees could not pass around fingers to have their buddies clock in for them. The employees actually have to show up on time, not leave early, and forget about those extended lunch breaks. They cannot call ahead and have their buddies cover for them. They actually are forced to break bad habits, and form positive and productive work habits!

Is your business and workplace operating odd hours or around the clock? Do you travel? Do you find it impossible to manage all of your employees and hours? Let us help and assist you! MinuteHound Time Clock Software will send you an e-mail and a text message when your employees try to pull a fast one. Sleep well! What else? Take a quick look below:
We are Green! Save money! Save Mother Earth!
24/7 Live reporting from anywhere in the world!
For pennies a day, MinuteHound is the most economial option for state of the art time and attendance monitoring!
No training required! Our Time Clock Software requries no learning curve or classes!
We offer 24/7 customer support via phone and e-mail. We also offer a blog with content being added every single day!

Reward Your Employees! Reward Yourself!

Loyal and honest employees are very proud of their attendance records. They become extremely agitated when other employees show up late, leave early, and abuse the system. If as a manager you allow this type of behavior, one of two things will happen: Either that employee will eventually get fed up and quit, or worse, they will start abusing the system as well.

Make the switch to the MinuteHound Time Clock today. All of our clients who have, are happy they did. We are very confident in our product. Be just as confident in your business. Call (800) 351-7237 or e-mail us today. Ask us questions, put all those fears to rest. Our system is simply the best on the market, and typically pays for itself in the first month!

Make a Dramatic Impact on your Business Today!
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No Contracts. Cancel at any time. 24/7 Support. Throw the aspirin away. No more headaches or worries about payroll. MinuteHound is on your side!

Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound Time Clock today!
Need more assurance? Click here to watch the MinuteHound Time Clock in action. We have a collection of videos to guide you through every step!

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