Time Clock Software Benefits

Some of the many Benefits of MinuteHound Time Clock Software

Looking to save money and grow your business’ bottom line?

MinuteHound time clock software allows your company to immediately to start saving money immediately.
The future is now with the MinuteHound Time Clock Software system.
MinuteHound has more features than any other time clock in the market.

Payroll Savings are achieved by eliminating such common detriments as:

1. Buddy punching-employees clocking in for one another.
Buddy Punching is a serious problem.
MinuteHound’s Time Clock Software can eliminate buddy punching completely.
The reason the MinuteHound Time Clock Software can eliminate all buddy punching.
Is because it uses a biometric time clock. Visit the MinuteHound Savings Calculator to see how much your business can save. All the numbers are based on the American Payroll Association Statistics.
Watch this video to learn more about the MinuteHound Time Clock.

2. Schedule exceptions, Are unauthorized changes to the work schedule.
The MinuteHound Time Clock Software System can send emails and sms text messages to employees.
These can be set if an employee is late, early, or decide not to show up.
These messages can also be sent to managers and owners of the business.
This enables owners and managers to properly monitor and correct employees behavior as needed.

3. Time clock manipulation-the act of changing a time clock’s time backwards or forwards.
This is done so an employee can arrive late or leave early and make it appear they stayed on schedule.
The MinuteHound Time Clock software can not be manipulated.
The software originated in the military and cannot be tampered with.
Check out this youtube video of MinuteHound time clock software reports interface for more info.

To Learn more today about the MinuteHound Time Clock Visit. www. MinuteHound.com

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