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Time In and Out Software Tailored To You, Business Owner

Who invented your employee timekeeping system? If you’re using the traditional time card punch machine, it might as well have been made by your employees for their benefit. The old time punch system lets employees punch in and out when they like, have friends punch in and out for them, and they can even help out a buddy who wants the day off but has someone clock them in. Pretty nice, huh? Every year American businesses lose $148 million to this practice of “buddy punching”. Unless you like bleeding money to dishonest employees, there is a very easy way to stop the hemorrhage that might kill your business. Get MinuteHound time in and out software.

It’s concept is so user-friendly you’ll wonder why you didn’t invent it yourself. A small scanner goes next to the entry door, access point, or workstation. Your staff comes in and touches a fingertip to the pad and then goes to work. Their fingerprint is never stored and is fully encrypted so identities are protected. It’s paperless and so fully automated that no one needs training and no one needs to run it. It integrates with your current payroll program. Information is cloud-based and never lost, but fully accessed at any time via the web from anywhere in the world. Isn’t this sounding more and more like the system you should have thought of? Then add this for yourself: It’s 100% guaranteed as long as you use it. How would you like it to start paying for itself the very first month? Yes, MinuteHound does that, too.

The Time In And Out Software That Times Out Your Profit Loss

Stop Employee TheftStaff paid hourly or on salary uses MinuteHound time in and out software equally. A worker on salary should show on time, take only the proper lunch break, and leave as scheduled. While MinuteHound doesn’t need to compute their wages, it will tell you all their productive hours. You and MinuteHound have just eliminated buddy punching and time theft from your budget.

Can MintueHound time in and out software be tailored to your business or school? Of course it can, and with excellent customer service available 24/7 by website, phone, or e-mail, any question you have can be answered nearly immediately. Pick our brains. Compare our features. Use us. With such support, advice, and benefits, the cost of pennies per day is outstanding. MinuteHound time in and out software was invented for you and is waiting to be your partner in keeping your business running efficiently.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time In And Out Software: Stop Wasting Time! Make The Switch Today!

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