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Is There A Way To Stop Employees From...

Is There A Way To Stop Employees From Stealing Time?

Stop Stealing Time Across the nation there are employees stealing time from their employers. They are stealing time by punching in and out for other employees and stealing time by coming in late or leaving early. What may seem like a few minutes here and a few minutes there to an employee is not innocent… […]

How To Stop Employees From Padding Th...

How To Stop Employees From Padding Their Hours

What is Buddy Punching? Meet Jane. Jane is a valued employee. She knows her job and seems very honest. Today, Jane has an appointment at 4:45, but is scheduled to work until 5:00. She has tried to do the right thing and reschedule the appointment. Rescheduling would mean waiting another month. Jane is not very […]

Is There A Way To Stop Buddy Punching...

Is There A Way To Stop Buddy Punching?

How To Stop Buddy Punching And Timeclock Fraud Time theft is a growing problem for many businesses, and the most common way that employees falsify their attendance records is through the practice commonly referred to as “buddy punching”. Some companies who have tracked – and eventually eliminated – the problem have reported that buddy punching […]

Workplace Biometric Time Recording &#...

Workplace Biometric Time Recording – Time and Attendance

Biometric Time Recording For Your Workplace Traditional time clocks are becoming obsolete. Technology is hastening this. Minutehound’s biometric time recording represents the path forward. They save money. They provide better security. Most importantly, they turn time cards into big data. Biometric Time Recording Saves Money Biometric time recording software saves money. It reduces time theft. […]

Top Time Clock Software | Only The Be...

Top Time Clock Software | Only The Best For Your Business!

MinuteHound: The Top Time Clock Software on the Market! Have you ever felt like doing payroll is a major headache and time constraint on your business’ productivity? MinuteHound is the top time clock software available on the market, and can help you deal with those payroll headaches. MinuteHound offers an eco-friendly, paperless solution that involves […]

What is Buddy Punching? All Your Ques...

What is Buddy Punching? All Your Questions Are Answered Right Here!

What is Buddy Punching? “Hey Jen, I’m running a little late this morning. Swipe me in please?” “Fine, but you owe me lunch,” Jennifer replies. “Sure, thanks a bunch!” Jennifer then logs Greg into their company’s old time card system using his employee ID number and password. What Jen agreed to do for her co-worker […]

Stop Buddy Punching at The Workplace

Stop Buddy Punching at The Workplace

The Problems that Buddy Punching Causes for a Business Businesses all around the world are dealing with a threat to their profits. Making matters worse, this threat is actually a form of fraud that your employees might be doing right now. When employees engage in buddy punching, they might not realize the drastic amount of […]

How To Stop Time Fraud in The Workpla...

How To Stop Time Fraud in The Workplace

Learn How to Stop Time Fraud With MinuteHound When your business is concerned with how to stop time fraud and create a better environment for everyone in the office, a biometric time clock can make a real difference for you. MinuteHound is a unique time and attendance system that can dramatically improve your time clock […]

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Sav...

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Save More Every Pay Period

Are Your Employees Stealing Time from You? Whether you have a small or large company, chances are your employees are committing time fraud. Time fraud typically happens when a system is in place that allows it, such as paper time sheets or punch/swipe cards. Even an updated system that allows employees to login to record […]

What is Buddy Punching and How Do I S...

What is Buddy Punching and How Do I Stop it?

Buddy Punching: What It Is And How It’s Costing You More Than You May Realize “Andy, I’m stuck in traffic, and I can’t get there on time. Could you punch me in?” A text similar to this gets sent thousands of times a year. Too often, the co-worker obliges, and this is bad news for […]