Buddy Punching and How Much It Costs Your Business

Buddy Punching and How Much It Costs Your Business

Most employers are completely unaware about how much money their business is actually losing due to the “buddy punching” phenomenon.

While it may seem harmless, according to the article “Hey Buddy…Can You Clock Me In?” on the business blog PrimePay, this occurrence has become an increasing threat to lowering employee productivity and even shows a direct connection to rising labor costs for the business.

Money down the drain

The perfect solution for this problem is implementing a Biometric Time Clock system. These systems typically use an individual’s finger or hand print to identify the employee which requires an employee to be physically present in order to clock in and out of work each day.

With this technology, there is no need for time cards or passwords to track when employees are working!

Looking for a Biometric Time Clock to eliminate “Buddy Punching” in your business?

MinuteHound is a Biometric Time Clock Software solution, that is cloud-based, affordable and efficient. MinuteHound will give you the following advantages:

  1. All of your data is in the Cloud, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, so you can know what is going on in your office even when you’re away
  2. You can receive alerts about your employees attendance directly to your email
  3. You can be safe in the knowledge that your employees are not “buddy punching” because MinuteHound eliminates it
  4. Your employees can check on their own hours worked at any time
  5. Your employees can clock-in and clock-out at any MinuteHound Scanner in your company
  6. Visit MinuteHound.com for 30 reasons why you’ll love MinuteHound

We look forward to answering any questions you may have, as well as help your business solve the “buddy punching” problem.

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