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Simple Time and Attendance for Everyd...

Simple Time and Attendance for Everyday Business Operations

Simple Time and Attendance Solutions Business owners have long work days and constant decisions to make. Worrying about employees showing up on time and actually working the hours they claim to work should not be something anyone worries about. Having them write down on a piece of paper their hours worked is pretty crazy when […]

Integrated Time Clock Software for Sm...

Integrated Time Clock Software for Small Business

Why Time Clock Software Is So Important Most small business owners simply have their employees sign time sheets or use the honor system to pay them. This is the WRONG way to track time and attendance. For starters, you need to pay them accurately in order to keep your local, state, and federal tax records […]

Time and Attendance Software for Ever...

Time and Attendance Software for Every Business

What is the MinuteHound Time and Attendance Tracking System? In the old days, time and attendance tracking was a difficult task. Companies once had an entire department devoted specifically for this task. At the end of every work week, employees in this department would read time cards and calculate how much money was owed to […]

Payroll Time and Attendance: Business...

Payroll Time and Attendance: Business Tools for Success

Biometric Time and Attendance: Keep Costs Low There are many business tools available to help you run your company. They provide you with valuable information geared specifically to your business practices. The best tools help you increase your productivity while reducing your expenses. In-House solutions are a great way to keep costs down. The biggest […]

Small Business Trends: Affordable Tim...

Small Business Trends: Affordable Time and Attendance

The Future Is Here With Fingerprint Clocking When you hire new employees at your business you already have important things to do, and you shouldn’t have to teach them time and attendance. You’ve probably thought many times about how much easier time and attendance would be with just a push of a button. Now it’s […]

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The...

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The Time and Money?

Is There Value In A Fingerprint Time Clock? Time clocks are the way in which hourly employees are compensated for the work that they do. It is the only way that a company can tell who has worked and for how long. The question for business owners is how much should they spend on a […]

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

A Time Clock That Anyone Can Be Trained To Use Any human resources professional will tell you that training new people is one of the most expensive and time consuming processes that companies have to deal with. A brand new person who is learning all of the processes that a company has in operation at […]

Unique and Highly Effective Time Cloc...

Unique and Highly Effective Time Clock Software

MinuteHound: The Best Time Clock Software For Your Company Have you been looking to replace the rapidly aging time clock at your company? Are you sick of handling, keeping track of and ultimately losing old-fashioned time punch cards? Now is the perfect time to replace this ancient technology with fingerprint-based time clock software from MinuteHound! […]

Do You Need Attendance Software For Y...

Do You Need Attendance Software For Your Business? YES!

MinuteHound attendance software saves time and money Time and attendance software can help to ensure that your business has great records and real accountability. MinuteHound is advanced attendance software that is fast, easy-to-use and a great choice for large and small offices. One unique aspect of the MinuteHound attendance software is that it uses biometric […]

What Is The Top Time Clock and Why? F...

What Is The Top Time Clock and Why? Find Out Here!

MinuteHound: Top Time Clock for Your Office When you’re trying to find the top time clock for your office or business, there are a number of choices available. However, there’s a particularly exciting option with cutting-edge, reliable technology: MinuteHound. MinuteHound is easy to use and a highly advanced system that can bring new ease and […]