How Will Companies Adapt and Overcome The Struggles of COVID19?

COVID19—Business Change and Adaptation

COVID19 is an agent of change. Like all global events, the COVID19 pandemic is compelling individuals, businesses and governments to adapt or suffer the consequences. One very apparent adaptation is that more and more people are working from home. The recent social distancing requirements often force employers to choose between allowing their employees to work from home, or to lay them off.

Many employers are struggling to find ways to make it possible for their employees to work from home without losing money or sacrificing the integrity of their businesses. One of their major concerns is keeping track of the time their employees actually spend working.

Even before COVID19, companies lost on average about 5% of their total payroll to time theft in the workplace. Logic dictates that as more and more people work from home the amount of workplace time theft is bound to increase.

Minute Hound can help.
MinuteHound ( is a company that offers unique time and attendance solutions for all businesses, large and small. Their time clock software is entirely cloud-based; no data is ever stored locally. There is no training necessary—it is completely plug and play. MinuteHound’s customizable software virtually eliminates payroll errors and fraud.

  • Biometric fingerprint
    Companies purchase a fingerprint scanner, download the time clock software, and enroll their employee’s fingerprints. Employees simply clock on and off with their fingerprints, and the software does the rest. Each fingerprint is converted into a binary string of numbers that is never stored and therefore cannot be reverse-engineered. All employee data is secure.
  • Facial recognition
    Facial recognition software allows employees to clock in or out with any device that has a built-in camera (smartphone, tablet or computer). This is ideal for those who are working at home.
  • Web-based option
    This option allows employees to punch in or out from any Mac, iPad, PC or smartphone with a user name and password. The software records the IP address of every punch and affixes a timestamp. Employers know exactly what device each employee is using and how long each one is connected. In a work-from-home environment, this goes a long way to ensuring an accurate account of hours worked.

The COVID19 virus is changing the way companies do business. As they strive to adapt in ways that protect both their employees and their profits, new solutions will develop that continue to be useful long after the COVID19 crisis has passed. MinuteHound offers one of these solutions.

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