Why Time and Attendance is Crucial For Today’s Workforce

In today’s society, the boundaries of work are increasingly blurring. Often companies require employees to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where they are located. Time and attendance tracking must keep pace with the ever-changing work environment. MinuteHound aims to continually improve the technologies available to companies.

Tracking time and attendance is crucial to keep employment cost down. Employee time theft is one of the easiest and biggest forms of theft. Employees will use creative means to appear to be at work when they are not. Some even find a timeclock buddy to clock in for them if they are running behind. Doing so removes the consequences for being habitually late or leaving a few minutes early each day. MiunuteHound uses employees’ fingerprints to log into the system. As such, each individual employee must clock in for himself. There can be no sharing of log-in information. Using biometric data saves companies greatly each year.

Another critical aspect of time and attendance is the location of employees when they clock in. Time fraud began to run wild with the ability to clock in from remote locations. Now employees can clock in before they leave their house, or when they stop to get breakfast. They appear to be at work when in fact they aren’t. MinuteHound reduces this possibility by tracking the IP address where the clock in occurs. By running reports, companies can see if someone often clocks in from a remote location when they are supposed to be in the office. By tracking their location, businesses decrease the ease of time theft.

Often bosses need immediate access to time and attendance information. Knowing who was at a location at the time of an incident can allow HR to interview potential witnesses while the information is fresh on their minds. Companies can also keep track of how much overtime is being accrued, which employees are in violation of company attendance policies, and who did not come into work that day. MinuteHound allows employers instant access to reports from any location.

As one of the biggest cost areas, time and attendance greatly affects the company’s bottom line. Accurately tracking helps employers control the costs while staying in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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