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The No-Stress Time Clock that Saves Y...

The No-Stress Time Clock that Saves You Money

Spend Less. Waste Less. Time Clock Helps and Assists Are you looking for ways to save money on payroll and reduce fraud? Would you like to spend less time managing employee time cards and calculating wages? MinuteHound’s unique time clock system prevents fraud without compromising employee privacy. The system uses a biometric time clock which […]

Simple Time and Attendance for Everyd...

Simple Time and Attendance for Everyday Business Operations

Simple Time and Attendance Solutions Business owners have long work days and constant decisions to make. Worrying about employees showing up on time and actually working the hours they claim to work should not be something anyone worries about. Having them write down on a piece of paper their hours worked is pretty crazy when […]

Integrated Time Clock Software for Sm...

Integrated Time Clock Software for Small Business

Why Time Clock Software Is So Important Most small business owners simply have their employees sign time sheets or use the honor system to pay them. This is the WRONG way to track time and attendance. For starters, you need to pay them accurately in order to keep your local, state, and federal tax records […]

How To Improve Office Efficiency with...

How To Improve Office Efficiency with Time and Attendance Technology

Smooth Running with MinuteHound MinuteHound has brought the future into offices with their time and attendance technology. Clocking in and out is easier than ever before. Managers across the country are embracing this new system because it saves companies time and money. Office managers normally spend countless hours each month on payroll and accounts. MinuteHound […]

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do...

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do for Business?

How Does it Work? The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound is a true benefit for any organization. Employees can no longer cheat or steal time. One of the most costly expense for any company is that of labor. Using a fingerprint time clock will eliminate the need for extra HR or managers in order to […]

Simple Attendance Software For Every ...

Simple Attendance Software For Every Business

Save Time and Money with Simple Attendance Software When you and your business are looking for ways to solve problems and eliminate fraud in time tracking, simple attendance software may be exactly what you need. With an easy-to-use software program, you can revolutionize employee timekeeping in your business and save both time and money. MinuteHound […]

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

The Time Clock To Outlast Them All

Does A Time Clock Make A Difference in The Workplace? Yes it does! Having a functional time clock can save a company thousands of dollars every year, and for large companies, millions of dollars. Paper time sheets or any type of time and attendance system that only tracks time based on an employee’s honestly no […]

Simple Attendance Software – Fi...

Simple Attendance Software – Fingerprint Time Clock

MinuteHound: The Simple Attendance Software Solution for You Is your business suffering from complicated payroll, time card fraud, or difficult-to-use time clocks and software? There’s an answer for you: the simple attendance software known as MinuteHound. Many businesses face challenges in properly tracking employee time. When a business uses time sheets or time cards, there […]

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance w/ C...

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance w/ Clear Detailed Reporting

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Biometric Fingerprint Attendance? Most businesses strive to cut expenses in order to keep more money in the bank. Even the smallest of companies could use a bit of optimization in this case. In fact, small businesses could benefit from biometric fingerprint attendance systems just as larger corporations. It’s not just […]

How To Use Biometric Time Recording t...

How To Use Biometric Time Recording to Save Money

Timecards made simple with biometric time recording In an era of technology, why stay in the stone ages when it comes to employee timecards? MinuteHound makes timecards a thing of the past. Instead, a biometric time recording system that makes the whole process easy for employees and employers. Using a simple fingerprint scanner, employee fingerprints […]