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Savings at Work: Time and Attendance ...

Savings at Work: Time and Attendance for Employees

The Essentials: Time and Attendance at Work Tracking time and attendance is always a frustration for managers, for payroll employees, and for the owners who have to manage their company. Why is it a frustration? If you don’t know already, there are numerous ways that some time-tracking systems fail. They can fail because of outdated […]

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Buddy Punching’s a Thing of the Past Have you ever heard of buddy punching? No, it’s not when your employees give each other playful taps on the shoulder. It’s when a co-worker friend punches another co-worker in for them. And it results in some pretty major problems. Loss of revenue in fraudulent paid wages, lack […]

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The...

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The Time and Money?

Is There Value In A Fingerprint Time Clock? Time clocks are the way in which hourly employees are compensated for the work that they do. It is the only way that a company can tell who has worked and for how long. The question for business owners is how much should they spend on a […]

How To Improve Office Efficiency with...

How To Improve Office Efficiency with Time and Attendance Technology

Smooth Running with MinuteHound MinuteHound has brought the future into offices with their time and attendance technology. Clocking in and out is easier than ever before. Managers across the country are embracing this new system because it saves companies time and money. Office managers normally spend countless hours each month on payroll and accounts. MinuteHound […]

How Do I Stop My Employees From Steal...

How Do I Stop My Employees From Stealing Time?

Advanced time clock makes it almost impossible for employees to steal time As children, we have all heard the saying that time is money. As we have grown into adults, we all sooner or later learn how very true that saying is. Even though we all value our time, there is a particular group of […]

3 Reasons Your Employees Will Love Th...

3 Reasons Your Employees Will Love The Best Time Clock on The Market!

Why is MinuteHound The Best Time Clock? Being eco-friendly and a good employer is more than possible with the best time clock that uses fingerprints rather than physical accouterments. With the MinuteHound best time clock, you’ll be both. Want to find out why your employees will love your new best time clock? Keep reading for […]

Lower Costs, Cut Out Excess, and Incr...

Lower Costs, Cut Out Excess, and Increase Payroll Savings

Save On Payroll Expenses With MinuteHound Saving money on expenses is just as good for the bottom line as earning more money in the business. That is hugely important to business owners because they always want to expand the bottom line. One area where money can be saved in a lot of businesses is in […]

Payroll Time Tracking: Tools for Busi...

Payroll Time Tracking: Tools for Business Management

Revolutionize Payroll Time Tracking with MinuteHound Payroll time tracking is one of the most important aspects of almost any business. It’s critical that you’re able to keep track of who is working and when. If you’re concerned about your business’s time tracking system, there are some new and innovative solutions to help you. MinuteHound is […]

Plug Into The Cloud And Huge Savings ...

Stop Time Theft With MinuteHound

The Almost Too-Good-To-Be-True Time In Time Out Software (But It’s Not!) Time in time out software is now designed, developed, and available for hire! Despite all the technological progress made in recent years, employee timekeeping and payroll systems yet use seriously flawed methods of the past. Shockingly, most companies are still using old-fashioned time clocks […]