Can Buddy Punching Be Prevented?

Buddy Punching’s a Thing of the Past

Have you ever heard of buddy punching? No, it’s not when your employees give each other playful taps on the shoulder. It’s when a co-worker friend punches another co-worker in for them. And it results in some pretty major problems. Loss of revenue in fraudulent paid wages, lack of staffing, and scheduling frustrations are just a few.

You know that your employees have their co-worker friends punch them in if they are going to be late. You know that this is a huge problem, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of loss every pay period. Buddy punching is also the source of accountability issues. When friends punch each other in, that means that the employees who are actually at work have to compensate for the labor shortage. This can inspire feelings of resentment and unproductive workplace conflict.

So, can buddy punching be eliminated? Well, yes. MinuteHound’s tracking system uses each employee’s finger print to clock employees in and out. The result: no more buddy punching. When finger prints are used instead of usernames and passwords, a late employee can no longer call his friend and merely give him the information to punch him in. The same goes for employees who forget to punch themselves out at the end of their shifts. Without the option of buddy punching, employees are actually accountable for the time that they say they are at work.

Fingerprint Clock in SystemFrustrations from other employees are diminished as well. When employees must be at work at their scheduled times, this takes the strain off of workers who can’t complete their jobs due to lack of manpower. In a restaurant, retail, or call center environment, it also ensures that customers are not being denied the attention that they deserve due to lack of staffing.

How else can eliminating buddy punching help your business? You know how to schedule more effectively. When people are at work when they are clocked in, there’s less reason to scratch your head, wondering why you’re receiving customer complaints about your business being under staffed. It also saves you from frustrating hours of moving schedules around in unnecessary and unproductive ways.

If you’d like to know that your allotted labor hours are being used effectively, try MinuteHound’s labor tracking system. Buddy punching can be eliminated.

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