Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The Time and Money?

Is There Value In A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Time clocks are the way in which hourly employees are compensated for the work that they do. It is the only way that a company can tell who has worked and for how long. The question for business owners is how much should they spend on a time clock.

The Better The Time Clock, The Better The Data
While any typical time clock can keep track of when an employee clocks in and when they leave, but only a fingerprint time clock provides the most comprehensive way to manage employee time. The fingerprint time clock sets up a unique user profile for everyone who is entered into the system. This means that when one uses a fingerprint time clock, they can be absolutely certain that only the actual employee can clock themselves in or out.

Time theft is a real thing, and it is a major problem for anyone who has to deal with operating a business. They know that employees will do whatever they can to steal a little time here or there from their employer. They want to get paid just a little bit more even if they are not actively working or contributing to the bottom line in any way. Given this, it is up to the employer to cut down on this type of activity. A general announcement dissuading employees from committing time theft is not enough to get most of them to really cut it out. Instead, using a fingerprint time clock may be your best option. At least this is the way that you can know who among your group are the most egregious offenders. Those people can then be dealt with in a manner you find to be appropriate.

Real-Time Data For Managers To Utilize
Perhaps the strongest argument in favor of using a fingerprint time clock is all of the real-time data that pours in from them. A fingerprint time clock knows exactly when someone has clocked in or out. It can be configured to send out text messages to a business owner if someone were to leave early or show up late. A fingerprint time clock thus serves the purpose of being the eyes and ears of the business even when an owner or supervisor cannot be physically present. This is the real value of getting a fingerprint time clock for the workplace.

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