Is Time Theft A Big Problem for Small Business Owners?

Time Theft Can Be Stopped

Many small businesses have a very relaxed, family-style atmosphere that promotes teamwork and cooperation. Employees get comfortable working in such an environment. In fact, sometimes they get too comfortable and become lax in their timeclock procedures. Management can also become very laid back about employee clock-in methodology. Often they may turn a blind eye to many types of time theft.

The truth of the matter is that time is money. By not maintaining proper control of your employee time, your business may be losing thousands of dollars per year due to time theft.

Technology is The Cure for Time Theft

When utilizing antiquated time-keeping methods, time theft is sure to become an issue in your place of business. Ways that employees take advantage of these older systems are to clock in early and clock out late or ask co-workers to clock in or out for them. They may fail to take mandatory breaks or even leave the property on personal business while on the clock. Fortunately, time theft can be prevented.

The addition of a new and updated time system will definitely help prevent time theft. Many small business owners believe that they just cannot afford a state-of-the-art system for tracking time, but the truth of the matter is that they cannot afford not to purchase this technology. What they don’t realize is that such a system will pay for itself very quickly.

Put The Money Back Into Your Pocket

A system that uses employee fingerprinting as a clock-in method will ensure that the right employee is clocking in at the correct time. Employees can clock in on any computer, laptop, or another device. The IP address will let management know exactly where an employee is at any designated time. Alerts will be sent out if an employee clocks in early or late or fails to take scheduled breaks. Business owners and management can access all employee records from anywhere in the world, allowing for ongoing monitoring.

MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockNot only will time theft be prevented, payroll procedures will also be streamlined for quick and easy processing. Reports can be accessed which will organize and summarize all of the employee hours. All information is cloud-based so it can never be lost when computer systems go down.

As is clearly evident, this system will save a company so much money. Owners and managers will feel comfortable about staffing while they are away on business or taking a vacation. Current data will be easily accessible, and time theft will become a problem of the past.

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