Affordable Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions for Small Business Owners

Is Time and Attendance Tracking Affordable for Small Business Owners?

The Costly Impact of Buddy Punching in Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is not just an option; it is a necessity for small businesses to effectively monitor employee hours and prevent costly fraudulent practices like buddy punching. Before delving into affordable solutions for upgrading time-tracking systems, it is crucial to understand the financial implications of buddy punching in small businesses.

Understanding Buddy Punching and its True Costs

Buddy punching occurs when an employee enters another employee’s information into the time and attendance tracking system in their absence. This deceptive practice allows late employees to avoid negative consequences by having a co-worker punch in for them. With shared login information or access to each other’s time cards, these activities often go undetected.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 78 million hourly workers are part of the workforce. If just 16 percent of these workers engage in buddy punching, the total losses incurred by employers amount to a staggering $373 million. This fraudulent practice affects 75 percent of businesses in the US, resulting in an estimated loss of 4.5 hours per week due to time stealing. In some cases, this translates to an equivalent of six additional weeks of vacation each year, on top of the employees’ paid vacation. Payroll surveys estimate that fraudulent time and attendance practices, including buddy punching, contribute to approximately 3 to 5 percent of payroll costs. For a company with 100 employees earning less than $10 per hour, this could lead to a potential loss of nearly $2 million in one year.

The Affordability of Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions

Considering the substantial losses caused by practices like buddy punching, upgrading to a reliable time-tracking system becomes not just affordable but essential for small businesses. For instance, MinuteHound offers a cost-effective solution with its biometric facial recognition technology, which significantly reduces fraudulent practices.

Let’s explore the potential cost savings for a small company with 30 employees at a single location. After a one-time investment of $99.95 in a fingerprint processing system, the monthly fee for MinuteHound’s services is only $39.95. Similarly, a company with 100 employees can expect to pay $104.95 per month. With an annual investment of less than $1,500, an employer with 100 employees can potentially save millions by curbing buddy punching and other fraudulent time-tracking practices.

The investment in accurate time and attendance tracking pays for itself within a month, resulting in substantial cost savings for small businesses. For example, a small business with 100 employees could save an estimated $166,000 annually by reducing buddy punching and other fraudulent practices. With such significant returns on investment, many employers find upgrading to MinuteHound’s reliable time-tracking solution to be more than worth the initial cost.


In conclusion, time and attendance tracking is an indispensable aspect of small business management, essential for ensuring accurate labor monitoring and preventing costly fraudulent practices like buddy punching. The financial impact of buddy punching can be substantial, resulting in significant losses for small businesses. However, with affordable solutions like MinuteHound’s Facial Recognition Time Clock Calculator, small business owners can effectively combat buddy punching and other fraudulent time-tracking practices. By investing in biometric technology and accurate reporting, small businesses can experience substantial cost savings and improved productivity. Embrace the affordable and reliable time-tracking solutions offered by MinuteHound and elevate your small business to new heights of efficiency and financial stability.

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