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Is RFID system right for my business?

If your employees are still punching a clock, you’re losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in payroll fraud. According to the American Payroll Association, more than 75 percent of businesses suffer “time theft” from their workers. Buddy punching alone can make up 5-7 percent of your payroll per year.

You don’t have to keep laboring under these costs and cheats, however. By ridding yourself of your old attendance system using RFID, you can stop fraud, prevent errors and increase accountability and responsibility among your employees. All you have to do is buy MinuteHound technology.
Attendance System Using RFID Versus MinuteHound


MinuteHound is a time management system that works through biometric fingerprinting instead of punch cards or numbered codes. Employees simply press their fingers to the interface for recognition and recording. There are no passwords to remember, no lanyards to fumble with and no time cards that can be faked or lost. Unlike an attendance system using RFID, it provides convenience for you and your staff.


MinuteHand can transfer data anywhere at any time. Instead of an attendance system using RFID that can be exploited by an RFID card reader, MinuteHound operates on a secure cloud network. This means you can connect to the software on any platform with Internet access. Send schedules to your smartphone; keep track of departures on your tablet. Have daily arrivals emailed to you in real-time. With MinuteHound, you’ll enjoy 24/7 contact with your company’s timekeeping records.

Fraud Prevention

You can’t fool a biometric system. You can’t buddy punch or pretend that you took a shorter break than you did. When you upgrade from an attendance system using RFID, you’re guaranteeing honest, accurate numbers for all your staff. As a bonus, the automated system will also catch honest human errors or calculation mistakes.

Money Saving

If you’re tired of paying for an attendance system using RFID, switch to MinuteHound software. For one, it will reduce your overhead in terms of badges and time cards. It will also stop you from joining the 75 percent of businesses losing money from employee time theft. An attendance system using RFID can require all kinds of repairs and monthly costs. MinuteHound doesn’t.


One of the most frequent concerns of electronic timekeeping is the security of the system. With MinuteHound, however, you can rest assured knowing that your company’s data is protected by the best technology available. Unlike the vulnerabilities previously mentioned with an attendance system using RFID, you’ll face no such troubles with MinuteHound. It uses 128-bit encryption for the ultimate experience in privacy and discretion.

Time to act!

These are just a few ways MinuteHound can help you simplify time management at the office. If you’re serious about saving money, upgrading your technology and bringing integrity back to your employees, it’s time to say goodbye to an attendance system using RFID. MinuteHound is the future.

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