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In a perfect world, employees would report to your business, work their full shift and report those hours accurately. But not all employees are honest and not all businesses are set up with an automated attendance system that tracks accurate stats of employee activity. If you are a business owner of any kind, then you really need an automated attendance system. Not only will an automated attendance system help you know exactly when your employees are reporting to work, but it also helps ensure that you are paying them exactly for the hours they worked. You shouldn’t have to pay an employee for goofing off at work, and that is exactly what can happen if you have a timecard system that is on your honor. Read this short guide of MinuteHound tips to learn how you can improve the cost-efficiency and productivity of your business with our biometric, fingerprint automated attendance system.

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Tip #1: Try out MinuteHound’s biometric, fingerprint software. Load it onto your computer, get round-the-clock assistance from our representatives, and see the automated attendance system at work. Your employees will place their finger into one of our data readers, and you will get instant data on the time they clocked in and out of work.
The world of Automated Attendance System

Benefits of automated attendance system

Tip #2: Get live updates. If there is any change in your employees’ activities, then we update you. Our automated attendance system sends you live updates via your choice of text message or email, so you will always have the most updated information on the people who work for you. No matter where you find yourself throughout your work day, you will know exactly what each employee is up to. Best of all, you have data that shows you exactly what you need to pay your employee for each week.

Tip #3: Increase positive work culture and productivity. Every employee wants a review so he or she can ask for a raise. Our automated attendance system gives you accurate, secure data, which is encrypted by our 128-bit platform, that you can present to the employee. Verify that he has reported for work every day on time. If there are any arguments about attendance, the data shows what is most accurate. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you are paying your employees for the hours they have worked during a shift and that this is the expectation. If employees know that they will be held accountable through the automated attendance system, then they may be more likely to do great work. This improves the overall culture of the workplace and makes it a more positive, productive place.

Sit back and enjoy the fantastic results

Eliminate fraud on employee timecards today! Try MinuteHound’s automated attendance system and experience the positive changes in your business!

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We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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