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MinuteHound: The Stress-Free Automated Attendance System

Employers gain more control over employee behavior. Employees relieved from peer pressure. Employers save time, money, and aggravation. Attention can be focused on more essential parts of the business. MinuteHound’s automated attendance system services address all these needs.

Automated attendance programs via MinuteHound services helps control employee behavior mainly by eliminating the most significant mode of payroll fraud. When employees clock in and out for other employees, it can cost the company in wages for duties not performed. This type of fraud can also cause tension from pressure to participate for other employees. By using this automated attendance system, employers can keep employees more honest and stress-free by eliminating the ability to participate in payroll fraud.

This patented automated attendance system allows access to employee payroll activity to all who use it via the internet and cloud-based technology. Owners, employers, and managers can access the automated attendance system whenever and from wherever they wish. They can also be automatically updated as to employee comings and goings. Employees can be notified of their attendance as well and be made aware of their status or areas of performance which could stand improvement. All notifications can be texted or emailed. Owners and employers can also monitor manager and supervisor attendance as they are also employees.

Automated Attendance Controls Spending and Increases Savings

The American Payroll Association found that this automated assistance system can save approximately 5% on company costs. Sam could no longer cover for Joe who is late getting to work. Sam’s and Joe’s supervisor would no longer spend time tracking their arrival, break, and departure times. MinuteHound uses a personal automated attendance services that require employees to clock in and out using a one-touch biometric identification system that eliminates confusion and allows a less worrisome work experience for employee and employer alike.

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineOne finger is all that is necessary to punch on or off the clock. This saves time, space, and effort for employer and employee; there are no cards or badges to maintain or tabulate. This type of automated attendance program can also prevent employees from working earlier or later than scheduled. Costs can also be better controlled since the number of employees working at a time can be monitored as well as the number of hours employees work. This data can also contribute to the improvement of employers’ ability to effectively maintain scheduling by determining if the amount of business justifies the number of employees.

Time can also be an improved factor of using this automated attendance system. Employers can better delegate responsibilities and focus on other pressing matters given what payroll services the system can provide. MinuteHound automated attendance services takes 100% of the risk through a money-back guarantee which includes free return shipping and handling.

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