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Employee Time Clock Software Revolutionizes Human Resource Management

Although many modern businesses apply flexible work schedules and telecommuting options to their workplace policies, some organizations still rely on a dedicated workforce who must perform duties at physical work sites. To maintain their competitive edge these organizations must create an environment that encourages and incentivizes reliable attendance, ethical time keeping and accurate reporting. Providing updated labor policies and introducing modern employee time clock software into their human resource (HR) management functions allow HR managers to better achieve the strategic goals in place for their organizations. Here is an overview of automated time and attendance systems, the business functional areas supported by these integrated systems and the key features associated with a leading employee time clock software system called MinuteHound.

Characteristics of Employee Time Clock Software Systems
Depending on the time and attendance system chosen, employee time clock software provides an automated way for employees and managers to track hours worked within pay periods without using manual punch cards. These systems usually are computerized and require employees to enter a unique identifying code to verify authenticity. While systems like these save businesses time and money by simplifying the payroll process, they are not tamper proof and are still subject to fraud if unethical employees decided to give their codes to a buddy to enter while they slipped off for a day at the beach. Because of new biometric employee time clock software systems, payroll thieves like the ones described above can kiss their sun drenched beach days on the company dime good-bye. The new biometric systems like the one utilized by MinuteHound eliminates this deficiency in automated time keeping systems by replacing the unique identifying code with a fingerprint scan to help ensure authenticity and eliminate buddy punching.

Business Functional Areas Supported By Employee Time Clock Software

Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareHR activities are greatly enhanced by employee time clock software systems, and company payroll functions all but vanish because there are no time cards to reconcile. Information about the hours worked by each employee and other things like vacation time accumulated are made available to authorized managers. This data is important to the business functional area of HR as well as to those of finance, project management and legal. Estimates of labor capacity are often needed by financial managers for merger and acquisition decision-making, and similar information is needed by project managers while conducting project planning and team member selection. The legal department becomes interested in this accurate time and attendance data when faced with labor dispute lawsuits concerning over time hours and compensation.

Key Features of MinuteHound Employee Time Clock Software Systems
The MinuteHound time keeping system has many features that make payroll processing seamless. For example, its biometric fingerprint scanner may be attached to any computer for an instant clock in terminal. Also, data is stored using cloud storage technology so managers can reliably access the data they need from anywhere with an internet connection. This employee time clock software also sends alerts to managers when sensitive areas are understaffed and when employees are tardy.

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