Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine

Your business needs a biometric attendance machine.
A biometric attendance machine identifies employees by a piece of their own body. Such as their fingerprint.
This is infinitely better than the old punch cards and swipeclock.

Outdated Systems
Be sure that the person clocking in is truly the person they claim to be. By utilizing a biometric attendance machine.
With pin code systems employees could simply key in each others pin codes in order to clock each other in.
Swipeclock is not any better. Because employees can give one another their cards.
Thereby defeating the purpose of the swipeclock.
For example. John, Jake, and Jill go to lunch at 12 noon.
Only Jake returns on time at 1:00pm. He swipes all three in on the swipeclock. So it appears as though all three employees returned at 1:00pm.
In reality Jill and John did not return until 1:15pm.

Biometric Attendance Machine Binary Fingerprint
Biometric Attendance Machine Converts Fingerprints to Binary

A biometric attendance machine, such as MinuteHound, identifies employees by their fingerprints.
This prevents buddy punching. Which is the practice of employees clocking each other in and out.
And also prevents other forms of time theft.

Get Back To Business
Calculating employee hours manually takes time. Lots of time.
MinuteHound calculates employee hours automatically. So you don’t have to.
Think of what you could do with all that extra time.
And if you’re paying an employee to calculate hours for you.
Then you will save money every pay period by eliminating this unnecessary labor.

100% Private and Secure
The MinuteHound biometric attendance machine is 100% Private and Secure.
Each fingerprint is converted into a long string of binary code.
The binary is then split across multiple servers.
This process ensures the fingerprint image can never be recreated.
All reports are stored in the cloud. Which means you don’t need to worry about private data being compromised.

Don’t Become a Victim of Outdated Systems
Outdated systems such as pincode and SwipeClock may hurt your business.
Don’t allow antiquated technology to lull you into a false sense of security.

The patented MinuteHound time clock is the new industry leader!
Originally developed for the military.
MinuteHound pairs a biometric attendance machine with powerful time clock software.
This software allows you to view your employees attendance reports in real time.
Access these reports from any internet enabled device.
The customizable alerts system can send text message and email alerts.
Have your manager notified immediately when an employee deviates from his/her schedule.
Have MinuteHound automatically send the employee a message alerting them of their tardiness.

Save 5%-10% of your payroll cost by switching to a MinuteHound biometric attendance machine.

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