Time Clock Software Reviews: Shop. Compare. Buy!

Time Clock Software Reviews: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!

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I am sure all of us have felt like this before right! You work so hard for so long, then feel so confused and not sure where your headed? Costs keep adding up, inventory more and more expensive? Do you need to find a way to spend less, save more? Don’t feel too bad, almost every company has the same fundamental problems.

Regardless of business model, you have employees, and you have to pay them. Time Clocks are the most obvious way of doing so. Your employee arrives at work they, clock in. When they leave, they clock out. Technology has now changed the game! Now, with biometric fingerprint technology, the ball is in your court as an employer! No more time theft, no more money being wasted. Just pure production, and more sleep! No longer is it a Mad Mad world!

Take control, save money, and keep your business going. Below are some time clock software reviews. Please read and find out how they do nothing at all but cost you money! We will then discuss how MinuteHound biometric technology along with top notch service means more money in your pocket!

Time Clock Software Reviews: The Time Punch Clock

Old Fashion Time Punch ClockAs you can see from the picture, there is not much to this. It is the tried and true punch clock. Just give your employee a time card, then pay them for what that time card says at the end of the week. You can imagine how accurate this system is. All your employees have to do is have their co-workers clock in and out for them while your busy running a business.

This punch clock costs $289.00. Then you also have to buy some add ons such as: Ribbon, Time Cards, Time Card Rack, Punch Clock Key, Surge Protector, and of course an extended warranty. All together you might be spending well over $400.00 on a punch clock for your business. Add time theft into the picture, and you will never stop wasting money! Not to mention, you have to mount this clock on a wall, or place on a table or shelf. Does this punch clock even use software? Does it use technology? How does it benefit you and your business?
The Time Clock Software Reviews are in, and the punch clock has punched out! Moving on……

Time Clock Software Reviews: Advanced Fingerprint Smart Card Reader

Let’s review this “advanced” fingerprint smart card reader. It is used by companies for access control and for time and attendance. You simply go up to it, place your finger on the scanner, and clock in. It even has a keypad for a higher level of security! Does anyone else find this feature useless? Let us examine the process.
Fingerprint Smart Card
You place your finger on the scanner, and then after you gain access you have to enter a code? Is this code in case you borrowed your buddies finger to clock in and out with? Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. The keypad is just another example of how even the “advanced” time clocks don’t meet today’s business needs. O and by the way, this time clock sells for $349.00. The directions claim that, “The installation is easy, all you have to do is run wire!” Now how many of you want to spend this kind of money, buy the equipment needed to have this time clock work, then run wire?
Time Clock Software Reviews clearly state, the smart card reader is not very smart! Moving on……

Time Clock Software Reviews: Ethernet Hand Punch

Biometric HandPunch
Just by looking at this monster any guesses on how much it would cost? Let alone to ship and install! This is an example of a very “high end” hand punch time clock. You place your entire hand on the time clock, and you can clock in and out. The cost of this time clock is $1795.00! It also has a very long list of add on features that in total could run you over a total of $3000.00!
Biometric HandPunch Mounted
Now although this time clock might meet the needs for some businesses, how many of you doing the math can say this is a solid investment? Do you think you can spend a few thousand dollars on a time clock instead of adding inventory? Paying bills? Or how about paying yourself! Money is not easy to come by am I right? We all work hard for our money, let us find a better solution so we can save money now, and tomorrow.
Time Clock Software Reviews describe this ethernet hand punch is ready to retire! Moving on……

Time Clock Software Reviews: MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint Technology

MinuteHound Fingerprint TechnologySTOP! No more moving on! The time clock software reviews are here to let you know, STOP looking! MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint Technology is all your business needs, regardless of size or model. Let’s take a real quick look how MinuteHound can help. We actually provide you software, not a big huge bulky machine. With our software, and our fingerprint scanner you stay ahead of time theft and payroll expenses.

It is estimated that the average employee steals 54 minutes every day. Depending on the number of employees you have, that can add up to some big numbers. The only way to end time theft, is to create a new workplace atmosphere. Your employees need to get rid of their bad habits, and create and develop new positive changes that will have significant impact on your organization. Put an end to tardiness, leaving early, and extended breaks.

MinuteHound Biometric ScannerOur time clock software does not mount on your wall, it mounts to the cloud! That’s right, MinuteHound is cloud based technology meaning you can access it from any Internet connection in the world! If you as a business owner or manager ever find yourself away from the office, have no worries! Our software will send you a text message and e-mail to let you know your employee has shown up late, or clocked out early. No more time theft, no more wasted time. Never feel disconnected from your workplace again! MinuteHound Time Clock Software is your true solution for everyday business.
Give us a call today (800) 351-7237, let’s work together!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
Time Clock Software Reviews are presented to show all potential clients how we can help. Don’t settle for anything less!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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