Time Clock Application

Time Clock Application’s and the Future of your Business

Finding the right Time Clock Application for your business is extremely important.
The Time Clock Application you select is something you and your employees will interact with daily.
The best and most affordable Time Clock Application is MinuteHound.

Why is the MinuteHound Time Clock Application #1?

In today’s world having the correct technology can give your business an edge.
The MinuteHound Cloud Based Time Clock Application has features no other system has.

Time Clock Application iPad
Time Clock Application by MinuteHound on iPad

Email Alerts: Automatically send Email alerts to an employee. And any number of designated managers.
The alerts are fully customizable. They can be sent if an employee is late early or doesn’t show up at all.
SMS or Text Message Alerts: Just like Email Alerts. Send SMS or Text Message alerts. To an employee and any number of designated managers.
Real Time Status: Login in from any where in the world. To view where your employees are in Real Time.
The MinuteHound Web Based Time Clock is Compatible with any Mobile Device with a full browser.
Watch the short video below for more information on Real Time Status.

MinuteHound is the only cloud based Time Clock Application.
No other system has the ability to offer these features.

What do MinuteHound Time Clock Application Customers Say?

Visit our Testimonials and Reviews page.
The Reviews/Testimonials page has reviews from businesses Large and Small.
The MinuteHound Time Clock Application is great for any size business.
To see the price of MinuteHound visit the Price Page.
MinuteHound usually pays for itself in the first month.
This is because Time Theft is not possible with MinuteHound.
To learn how much your business could be saving visit the Savings Calculator Page.
MinuteHound is devoted to customer support.
We take the responsibility of handling your Time and Attendance Seriously.
MinuteHound offers a full Money Back Guarantee on our Scanner.
The shipping is free both ways!
It is our Mission to make sure all of our Customers are happy.

How do I get started?

Visit our Videos page to view many of the great features offered by the MinuteHound Time Clock Application.
When ready to Purchase. Hit the Buy Now button.
The Scanner will arrive in 3 to 5 Business days.
For any questions. Do not hesitate to call or email.
Phone Number and Email on the top right of the MinuteHound Home Page.

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