Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine

Your biometric attendance machine must be three things.
Reliable. Secure. And Foolproof.

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Make sure your biometric attendance machine is the strong link in your business.

A biometric attendance machine provides peace of mind.
It also saves a business money. Lots of money.
According to the American Payroll Association, a business saves between 5%-10% of their payroll cost by implementing a biometric attendance machine.

However, not all biometric attendance machines are alike.
If the system you select is not suitable your employees will take advantage of its flaws.
Thus, the system you select must suit your needs.

The Reliable Biometric Attendance Machine

Reliability is the cornerstone of a good attendance system.
What makes a system reliable?
In short, its ability to always get the job done.

Let’s compare.
Old systems suffered numerous reliability issues.
For example, old non cloud based systems stored clock in data locally.
This meant that if the clock was somehow damaged or stolen.
All employee data would be lost.

MinuteHound solved this flaw when it introduced its 100% cloud based system.
Cloud based means that all the data is stored online.
Even if the clock is stolen, all data is securely stored.

Another reliability issue that old system suffered with was internet outages.
When those old systems lost their internet connection, they would immediately lose their ability to gather employee time data.
MinuteHound solved this problem with its local storage feature.
This feature stores employee clock in/out data locally during internet outages.
It then sends the data to the cloud once internet connection is restored.

The Secure Biometric Attendance Machine

The MinuteHound system is completely secure.
Each fingerprint scan is converted into a string of binary code.
This code is then sent to multiple servers across the globe.
This patented process ensures that the fingerprint can never be recreated.
In other words, there are no privacy concerns.
An added benefit of this secure process is that no significant amount of data is stored locally.
Which means there is no large volume of data to maintain.

The following video provides a thorough explanation of the system.

The Foolproof Biometric Attendance Machine

MinuteHound is foolproof.
It prevents buddy punching.
And other forms of time theft.
One example is time clock manipulation.
Other systems allow employees to change the time on the clock.
This allows them to alter their clock in times.
MinuteHound takes the time of day from the internet.
Thereby ensuring accuracy.
The MinuteHound software runs in the background.
It automatically starts up with the computer.
Only designated administrators can shut down the MinuteHound software.

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