Time Clock Review

A Real Time Clock Review is hard to find

It seems that today on the internet a real review of any product is hard to find.
But reviews are a huge part of any purchase process.
It is very important to see how current customers feel about a product.
And the company behind that product.
Choosing a Time Clock and finding a Time Clock Review is no different.

MinuteHound and The Time Clock Review

Here at MinuteHound every Time Clock review has a scanned image of the original.
These Time Clock Review are from real customers. Unlike many you find on the web.
To see the full list of Time Clock Reviews Click Here.
We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your purchase.
That is why MinuteHound offers a full money back guarantee on our Fingerprint Time Clock.

The Time Clock Review And The Company Behind It

Choosing the best Time Clock for your business is a serious decision.
It is something that you and your employees will interact with on a daily basis.
A good Time Clock will save you money and improve work flow in your business.
A bad Time Clock can cause endless problems.
Employees justifiabley want to be able to make sure they are getting paid correctly.
Employers want to improve efficiency, eliminate Time Theft, and have a simple accurate system.

MinuteHound And Your Employees

The MinuteHound system has the ability to allow your employees to login view there hours online. Employees can only view there hours they cannot change them. Good Employees love this, it gives them the ability to make sure they are getting paid for the time they are on the Time Clock.

Minutehound And Employers

The MinuteHound system improves efficiency in many ways.
MinuteHound will integrate into your business.
For example the reduction in payroll processing alone will pay for the price of the Fingerprint Time Clock.
Another way MinuteHound saves you money is by eliminating Time Theft.
MinuteHound utilizes a Fingerprint Time Clock this means employees can no longer steal time.

Fingerprint Time Clock vs. a Traditional Time Clock

With a Traditional Time Clock one employee can ask another employee to clock him or her out or in. With a Fingerprint Time Clock that is not possible. The Employee must be present with there fingerprint. Time Theft account for 5 to 10 percent of total payroll according to the American Payroll Association (APA).
To calculate how much your business could be saving visit the Time Clock Savings Page.
The MinuteHound system is very easy to install. The full installation can be done in under 5 minutes.

Time Clock Review
Time Clock Review MinuteHound

How Does My Business Get Started?

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