Fingerprint Time And Attendance

Fingerprint Time And Attendance

Fingerprint time and attendance is a fascinating field.
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Fingerprint Time Clock compared various types of systems.

What is Fingerprint Time And Attendance

Fingerprint time and attendance is a type of management system.
Fingerprint refers to the biometric reader.
This device reads an employee’s fingerprint in order to verify his identity.
The MinuteHound reader is the most accurate in the industry.
MinuteHound successfully scans 100% of employees.

Fingerprint Time And Attendance Cash In Hand
Save Money With Minutehound Fingerprint Time And Attendance

Time and attendance refers to the reader’s software.
We will examine time and attendance separately.
Time is the function of accurately stamping the clock in/out times of employees.
Attendance is the system’s ability to aid the business in making good use of employee time data collected by the fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint Time And Attendance Put to Use

Now that you’ve collected valuable time data, what do you do with it?
The answer is-you eliminate time theft.
In order to actually do this, you must prevent employees from logging unapproved hours.
This is most often completely accomplished with the elimination of buddy punching.
You may also need to prevent employees from logging unapproved overtime.
This is where the magic of the MinuteHound alerts system comes to play.

Fingerprint Time And Attendance Alerts

The MinuteHound alerts system makes it easy to reduce payroll cost.
The fully customizable alerts system automatically sends emails and text messages to whomever you designate.
For example, you could specify that a custom text message be sent directly to an employee when they are late.
This same message could simultaneously be sent to the store manager via email.
No more being the bad guy!
Allow MinuteHound to take the heat by alerting employees to their time theft.

Fingerprint Time And Attendance Summary

The MinuteHound fingerprint time and attendance is going to save you money.
This will be accomplished by the elimination of time theft.
MinuteHound combines a powerful fingerprint reader with robust time and attendance software.
The MinuteHound alerts system keeps your finger on the pulse.

Read Fingerprint Time Clock for a review of various types of systems.

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