Biometric Time Attendance Machine For Happy Employees!

What Is a Biometric Time Attendance Machine? How Can it Help My Business?

Ever desired a vacation leagues away from the everyday chaos of life, but felt trapped because of trust issues related to employees? This feeling is not uncommon. MinuteHound has helped countless business owners over the years to relax while on vacation or just spending time away from work. A biometric time attendance machine ensures employees are on time and don’t leave early. Unscrupulous employees are kept in check as they have no other option but to be physically present to record their time.

How Do Employees Stay in Check While the Boss is Away?

They accomplish this by using their biometric time attendance machine. For example, everyone has known employees who would clock in for fellow employees when they were late. This time theft adds up over the years to a massive and disheartening sum of cash. However, business owners do not have to give up money to employees who did not earn it. With MinuteHound’s biometric time attendance machine, business owners will have a fool-proof method of guaranteeing that the person who clocked in is who they said they are. The guarantee is offered with confidence because of the fingerprint technology, and because every person has a different fingerprint, it makes it virtually impossible to clock in for a fellow coworker.

Data Security

MinuteHound places the utmost importance on the security of businesses, and they use 128-bit encryption when transferring data into a secured Cloud database that increases protection. When people use this biometric time attendance machine, they feel safe. Information is secure and kept private at all times.

Throw Time Cards in the Trash

Biometric Time Attendance MachineWhy hang on to a system that fails to protect on so many levels? The biometric time attendance machine eliminates the issues associated with time cards, which is especially time theft. Let’s say a business owner wants to hang glide and zip line in Puerto Rico with peace of mind. The advantage of this biometric time attendance machine is that he or she will receive emails or text messages when employees clock in and out of work, without the fear that it was a fellow coworker. As long as the individual has an Internet connection, they can still check how business is running back home with this biometric time attendance machine.

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Worried about understanding the intricacies of MinuteHound technology? Don’t worry! The tech professionals at MinuteHound spent an additional length of time simplifying the technology. That means no time will be wasted on the learning curve. Once a person has hooked up this software, it’s ready to go, and he or she will experience no issues navigating the various features.

The best part about MinuteHound? It costs just pennies per month, and people can try it risk free with no obligations. When individuals calculate and compare what they lose to time theft, they should not look at MinuteHound as something they have to buy. Instead, they should see this biometric time attendance machine as an invaluable investment that saves businesses thousands of dollars over time.

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