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Business Owners’ Love Affair With Biometrics Attendance System

There is nothing more discouraging as a business owner to find out that an employee has cheated your business by fudging worked hours on a company timecard. Desperate times sometimes lead people to do desperate things, but that does not mean your business should have to pay for it. Timecard fraud happens more frequently than you may think, and that is why it is important to get a handle on it.

If you are using a paper record for attendance or if you are monitoring employee check-in every day, then it is time to try a technology that can improve your business’ efficiency, make better use of your time and help ensure that you are paying for the hours that your employees work – no less and no more. MinuteHound’s secure data-encrypted systems make it easy to monitor employee attendance and productivity. Our biometrics attendance systems give you the hard data every day, so you know exactly who is working, when they are working and how long they are working. Learn more about our biometrics attendance system by reading this quick guide of benefits! Let MinuteHound revamp how you do business!

Benefit #1:

Monitor your employee attendance remotely. One of the greatest features of our biometrics attendance system is that it is provides real-time data through a cloud-based system. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can get minute-by-minute reporting as your employees check in.

Benefit #2:

Eliminate paper. You no longer need paper time cards that are easy to doctor or to lose. Receive up-to-the-minute reporting of employees’ activity via email or text message. You’ll know when employees leave work, take a lunch and report back to their desks.

Benefit #3:

Receive accurate data. Our biometrics attendance system is protected by 128-bit encryption. Employees cannot break into it, and their data is protected against outside spammers. You’ll have a roster of accurate data that you can use to evaluate employees’ performances in the future. The MinuteHound biometrics attendance system ensures that the right data is matched to the employee.
Biometrics Attendance System, the Future Is Here

Benefit #4:

Save money. Cut down on timecard fraud and save money for your business. With our biometrics attendance system, you pay for the hours your employees work. You’ll know that number every time!

Now is the time to act!

Visit us online today to learn more about how you can get the MinuteHound biometrics attendance system. Buy the biometrics attendance system to see if it feels right for your business. We offer a money back guarantee on the reader! We have so much confidence in our biometrics attendance system, that we know you are going to love it when you see the real cost-saving measures and protections it gives your business. Visit us online at MinuteHound today!

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