Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs: Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System

Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save Money. Crush Time Theft.

How Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Works

Time and attendance tracking have never been easier with MinuteHound’s facial recognition technology. Employees verify their attendance by scanning their faces before recording their time. This eliminates any room for guessing or buddy punching, ending time theft. MinuteHound guarantees employees are paid only for hours worked, ensuring accurate payroll calculations.

Streamlined Setup and Access Anywhere

Setting up the MinuteHound facial recognition time and attendance system is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes. The hardware is a compact device that enables employees to record their time effortlessly. All the data is securely transferred to the cloud using 128-bit encryption. Employers can access this data anytime, anywhere through a browser-based platform, simplifying payroll management and allowing for quick edits and corrections.

Affordable Solutions for Every Budget

MinuteHound’s time and attendance system is designed to be affordable. The pricing structure ensures that businesses of all sizes, including small business owners, can benefit from accurate staff tracking. It’s a common misconception that small business owners can manage without a proper time and attendance system. However, not having a system like MinuteHound can lead to significant costs in terms of tax compliance and wage disputes. Biometric technology, such as MinuteHound’s facial recognition system, is a reliable solution for accurate time tracking.

Experience the Difference with MinuteHound

Take advantage of a free trial of the MinuteHound facial recognition time and attendance system. See for yourself how it improves efficiency, eliminates time theft, and saves you valuable time and resources. With MinuteHound, you can ensure accurate payroll calculations, meet legal requirements, and have peace of mind knowing that your time and attendance processes are streamlined and secure. Check out the Saving Calculator.


Don’t wait any longer! Try MinuteHound now for free and unlock the benefits of advanced facial recognition time and attendance technology.

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