Boost Efficiency and Savings with Facial Recognition Time Clock for Small Business

Boost Efficiency and Savings with Facial Recognition Time Clock for Small Business

The Cost-Effective Solution for Small Businesses

Small businesses often face budget constraints when it comes to investing in a time clock system. While large corporations can afford any type of time clock, small businesses need to find cost-effective solutions. That’s where MinuteHound’s patented facial recognition time and attendance system comes in. With its unique biometric fingerprint technology, this system offers an accurate and affordable way for businesses of all sizes to track employees’ time and attendance. By saving on payroll expenses, this time clock proves to be a valuable asset to small businesses.

Benefits of the Facial Recognition Time Clock

One of the key advantages of the MinuteHound time clock is its cloud-based and paperless nature. Originally developed for security in military facilities, this technology requires employees to simply place their fingers on the fingerprint scanner to record their time. No passwords, pin codes, or cards are needed. The fingerprint is converted into an encrypted 128-bit number that is stored across four secure servers, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

With live reporting accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, the MinuteHound time clock doesn’t require a dedicated computer. The software runs seamlessly in the background, eliminating any interference. Training is not necessary as the system is user-friendly, and support is available round the clock. Unlike traditional time clocks, MinuteHound does not store fingerprints, ensuring employee privacy and security.

How the Facial Recognition Time Clock Works

The MinuteHound time clock provides more than just accurate time tracking. It also allows employers to verify employee presence through timestamps and IP address recordings. This eliminates time theft, as owners and managers can easily monitor attendance in real time. The system even sends text messages or emails to alert employers if employees are late or leave early from their assigned shifts.

Moreover, the alert system enables businesses to adjust staffing based on immediate needs. During payroll processing, detailed time and attendance reports provide accurate records. With no time cards to reconcile or calculate, businesses save valuable time and resources in each pay period.

By implementing the MinuteHound facial recognition time clock, small businesses can achieve greater efficiency and savings. The cost-effective nature of this system, combined with its advanced features and real-time monitoring capabilities, allows businesses to accurately track employee time and attendance while reducing payroll expenses. Say goodbye to cumbersome time cards and human errors, and embrace the convenience and reliability of facial recognition technology.


MinuteHound’s facial recognition time clock is the ideal solution for small businesses seeking an efficient and affordable way to track employee time and attendance. With its cloud-based platform, advanced security measures, and real-time monitoring capabilities, this time clock system revolutionizes the way small businesses manage their workforce. Embrace the power of facial recognition technology and experience improved efficiency, accurate payroll processing, and significant cost savings. Invest in MinuteHound and unlock the full potential of your small business.

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