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MinuteHound Time Clock Software Review by Dr. Barin
Signed original available at the MinuteHound time clock software testimonials page

MinuteHound Team,
Thank you for providing a solution to our nagging time and attendance issues! As a midsized dental office we relied on an archaic method of clocking in and out by way of a wall-mounted time clock. The wall clock stamped cards that then needed to be reviewed manually every pay period. This resulted in a multitude of headaches such as time cards often being lost and employees stamping the wrong section of the card. Even this troubled system had been the best we found after experimenting with numerous other systems.

The first day we installed the MinuteHound time clock things began changing for the better. For one the installation was extremely simple (it only took about fifteen minutes) and the team was able to begin using it instantly! I love the fact that attendance reports can be viewed in real time from anywhere in the world. This allows me to check the status of my office personnel from my bedroom in the morning or even the beach in Hawaii while on vacation.

I once had a question about how to access a certain type of report. In a hurry I contacted MinuteHound time clock software telephone support. To my delight the call was answered promptly and a well-informed MinuteHound team member handled my question with care. The issue was quickly resolved and I have never had any other need for support.

I sincerely recommend MinuteHound time clock for any business owner. The time, money, and stress this system spared me ensures it paid for itself many times over.

Dr. Katy Barin
NEA Dentistry

Testimonial by Landon P.of Convergence Marketing, Inc.
Signed original available at the MinuteHound time clock software testimonials page

Your product is great! As the VP – Performance, Process & System for Convergence Marketing™. A nationwide business with over 4,500 employees. I oversaw my management team’s struggle to find a worthwhile time and attendance solution. Of the numerous products presented to us (one of which would cost over $14,500 to implement), MinuteHound stood out as an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.

Unlike competitive products, MinuteHound is extremely easy to implement. Allows for a gradual and risk-free implementation. And can easily be transported from place to place as is necessary with our operations. We are successfully utilizing MinuteHound to track the clock-ins and outs of numerous employees. While operating from several locations across the United States.

We have realized a payroll cost savings of as least 5% as the direct result of implementing the MinuteHound system. 5% of our payroll adds up fast. The cost of the MinuteHound system is nothing compared to the payroll cost savings we have realized. No more buddy punching or claiming to be in on time when someone is really 30 minutes late. Additionally, we have reduced costs in payroll administration and billing. As there is now no need for someone to calculate employee time manually.

Whether you are a large, multi-location business such as Convergence Marketing™. Or a more modest company. MinuteHound is a solution that will work for you. Its low price, ease of use, and resulting cost savings all mean that this system benefits the company in ways that other time and attendance systems simply can’t match.

Keep up the great work!

Landon P.
Convergence Marketing, Inc.

The preceding were testimonials by satisfied MinuteHound customers.
More reviews are available at the testimonials page.

MinuteHound time clock software is offered as a SAS.
SAS stands for Software As a Service.
What this means for you is that MinuteHound is always hard at work adding features and staying at the cutting edge of time clock software technology.

So what are you waiting for?
Eliminate buddy punching.
Eliminate time card errors.
Eliminate unapproved overtime.
Save money by eliminating these problems.
And save money by eliminating the labor of manually calculating employee hours at the end of each pay period.
Let MinuteHound time clock software work for you!

Isn’t it time a dog threw you a bone?

Watch this short video to learn about great features of the MinuteHound time clock software.

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