Peyton Manning is the top free agent in the NFL. Who will be smart enough to sign him?

Peyton Manning and MinuteHound TimeClock are top free agents!

MinuteHound TimeClock is the top free agent for buisness, Guaranteed!

Peyton Manning is one of the best Quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Who would have thought the Indianapolis Colts would have ever released him?
Peyton is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame, and has taken his organization to multiple Superbowls, bringing home a trophy in one of them.
Fans and owners alike would jump at the opportunity to sign him to their team.
If you are a business owner, you can sign MinuteHound TimeClock today, and win all year long! Bring home your own championship!

Are you the Peyton Manning of your Industry?

Peyton Manning throws touchdowns to help his team win, and does it better than most in the history of the sport.
Is your business like Peyton Manning? Do you conduct business better than any of your competitors? You have to stay ahead of the curve every which way you can.
MinuteHound is not only the Peyton Manning of TimeClocks, it is one of the most inexpensive but most dramatic ways you can impact your buisness.
MinuteHound is a cloud based time and attendance program that runs on any platform, to better help you and your business.
Forget about the old punching in your timecard, or logging in with your “unique” user ID and password.
That is yesterday’s technology, MinuteHound is the future! And best of all, it is ready for you today!

Peyton Manning’s jersey number is 18. MinuteHound wears number FREE!

MinuteHound is so confident in our product, that we offer a free trial at no risk to you. That’s right, throw the red flag, FREE TRIAL!
Our TimeClock is so accurate and cutting edge, that we would LOVE for you to check out our system and see it for youself.
All of your employees will not need to be assigned a user name or password. They will not need a timecard, all they need is their finger!
MinuteHound uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to accurately clock in, and clock out all of your employees. Order your scanner today!
Please just click here to start your free trial, you won’t regret it!

Don’t look to yesterday to solve tomorrows problems

“I will always be a Colt, that will never change” -Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning knows that whichever team signs him, he will always consider himself an Indianapolis Colt, as his career is coming to an end.
However that is sports, every year more and more young and upcoming players emerge to overtake that starting job.
Sports and buisness must go hand in hand, as just like in the sports world, there is always someone looking to take that leading role in business.
MinuteHound can offer you the advantage to seperate your business from any competitor.
Check out just some of our features:
MinuteHound allows Owners and Designated Managers to be alerted if employees do not clock in on time!
24/7 Phone and E-Mail customer support!
24/7 Live reporting from anywhere in the world!
MinuteHound is Green! We are paperless which saves you money and the Planet!
MinuteHound is multi-branch compatible. If you have 1 or 1000 branches our TimeClock is for you!

Peyton Manning is out to prove himself once again

Peyton Manning missed all of last year with a neck injury. This year, his team released him, leaving doubts that they believe he is back to 100% health.
Now Peyton must set out on a new journey, and prove to himself and all of the NFL fans that he still has what it takes to succeed.
It is time to follow Peyton Manning’s lead, and prove to all out there that you have what it takes to succeed in business. One small step at a time.
All clients that have switched over to MinuteHound all confess they are glad they did. Click here to read actual testimonials from our clients.
Our costs typically pay for itself when switching over from your old timeclock method.
Please visit us today and see for yourself. Call or email us with any questions you have.

Visit our Website for any additional information.
Start saving today! Also good luck to Peyton Manning and his family!

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  3. Peyton Manning is now in Denver. Go Broncos!!

  4. Peyton Manning will win another Superbowl here. All you doubters get over yourself!

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