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What Is A Cloud Based Time Clock?

For anyone wondering what a cloud based time clock is, just think of simplicity. No more saving files to a hard drive, memory stick, or other devices that can be corrupted, damaged, or lost. Using modern technology in the form of cloud computing makes everyday-tasks easier, more efficient, and less time consuming. Now, every business whether small or large can use cloud computing to their advantage to save more money and reduce costs. MinuteHound’s cloud based time clock tracks employee time, provides flawless reports, provides a universal platform, and turns any web browser into an office program.

MinuteHound works in 2 parts: the first is time and attendance. By providing businesses a foolproof method to track the time and attendance of their staff, automatically saves money. A small biometric scanner will allow employees to arrive and leave work by placing their finger or thumb on a small scanner. This will verify the attendance, then record time. From the start, all forms of cheating are eliminated. No more buddy punching or falsifying times. In addition, every employee has to be physically present in order to clock-in or out. MinuteHound provides businesses with flawless records saving money from the very first use.

The Many Benefits Of Using A Cloud Based Time Clock

Once an employee places their finger or thumb on the scanner, this time is recorded live. Every print is broken down into a 128-bit number. Privacy of information is guaranteed. Once an employee clocks-in or out, the cloud based time clock provides real time viewing. From any web browser, administrators can log-in to look at real-time status, edit times, see who is at work and in which department, setup alerts, and even export payroll. A cloud based time clock means offices are virtual. Highly efficient and practical technology for business.

Cloud Based Time ClockAnother huge waste for companies is human error. How many times has someone forgot to sign-in, made a mistake with payroll, or added an extra digit? Well, those days are over now, as using a cloud based time clock means you can setup text and email alerts. These alerts prevent human error by notifying managers who is not where they are supposed to be, and also to avoid overtime. This is also a huge feature for salaried staff, as every owner/manager has the right to know where employees are and what they are doing while on the clock. A cloud based time clock makes managing multiple locations, employees, and departments a breeze.

Cloud Based Time Clock- Price and Cost

A cloud based time clock is advanced and full of features, but also very affordable. MinuteHound clients only have to pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Every feature of the cloud based time clock, along with many others, is available for a small monthly fee. Lifetime updates and technical support are included. No hidden fees of any kind. Using a cloud based time clock provides ease of use, cost savings, and a better way to manage a business. Upgrade today and see these advantages first hand!

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